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Creative writing - Sexcapades

rouble staying afloat.She hears a movement in the water and he rises above the waves to capture her lips in a kiss. They begin to swim slowly to the shore together, stopping along the way to kiss, tou ... ground, and falls down beside him, her hands running all over his body. She kisses him slowly, his lips, his eyes, his neck. She leaves a trail of kisses down his neck, his chest. She flicks out a to ...

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Top 10 ways to Kiss

TOP TEN WAYS TO KISS>1. Tease Kiss: Go to kiss your partner and kiss them lightly on their lips. Then kiss them more passionately and make them think you are going to slip your tongue in. Jus ... er giving them a hint that you want a kiss, whisper into their ear. Ask them if they can taste your lips. Then slowly and sensually suck on their bottom or top lip. Then go for the passionate kiss.> ...

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Martin Luther

ith a subtle look of longing.Moving in close, touching her date on the shoulder or arm, wetting her lips, and sighing in a slightly suggestive manner.Lightly running her finger across his lower lip wh ... ggestive manner.Lightly running her finger across his lower lip while smiling softly.Staring at his lips as the two of them move closer till only inches apart.In order for these messages to work, a wo ...

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Short Story About Teenage Love

cheeks and my face. He smiled at me softly and i smiled back and then he slowly leaned forward, his lips were touching mine but not quiet. We were really close, he looked into my eyes and then at my l ... , he looked into my eyes and then at my lips and back at my eyes again. And then he finally put his lips on mine and gave me a soft smooth peck on the lips. Then he looked up at me and smiled, i smile ...

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ill in the kindergarten, but that seem like ages ago."Now wait just a minute Ngah. How could you…you know, do that and not have her lose her…crown-jewel? I mean, that's just…not p ... eep trance like a monk or something. But at least in this case, I knew he was thinking about the…bizarre experience he had with his girlfriend the other night."Okay, but you have to promise me ...

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