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Power is a choice

Power is a choiceWhile our status in society can determine the amount of power we hold, it remains true that everyone holds some extent of power. As a result of this, it ... werful, and some with lesser power. Sometimes, it is our fate and status that determines the extent of power we hold and that we are not given a choice in the extent of our power. However, while this ... power. However, while this holds true to some extent, our decision to utilise our power regardless of its amount is regarded as a choice and this in turn empowers our actions and motives. This can be ...

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Hunger Games

The use of fire in the novel 'The Hunger Games' tells us many things about the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen ... them but luckily it hits the pigs mouth which they were about to all gather around and eat instead of paying attention to Katniss' training. The book goes on to describe what happened afterwards. Kat ... Gamemakers. Katniss made it crystal clear that she was talented, had 'fire' and had a great chance of winning the Hunger Games.The use of fire in the novel describes the protagonist so that you can g ...

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We will win

Hunger Games TestWhat is Katniss doing in the beginning of The Hunger Games?Going to school.Going to meet friends.Going huntingTeaching Prim how to hunt.How ... animal.Drowned in the lake.How did Gale and Katniss become friends?They got to school together.Both of their fathers died in the same mine explosion and they both hunt in the woods.They met at a reapi ... .Who gave Katniss her mockingjay pin?Her mother.Gale.Madge.Greasy Sae.What memory does Katniss have of Peeta when they were younger?When they used to play tag at school.Peeta purposely dropped some lo ...

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ous times in which men and women follow each other without question. Sometimes they follow the path of others subconsciously, or do so with a clear conscience. This is called conformity; the act of fo ... and replicating as they do. Conformity inevitably affects humans on a daily basis, as it is a part of human nature. It has the ability to benefit society as a whole, but can also keep others from pos ...

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