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The link between creativity and bipolar disorder.

y bipolar patients at different stages as compared with a group under the effect of the medication, lithium. Experimentation is reflective of the regular and elated states in bipolar disorder, thus de ... patient at different stages, omitting control results. Therefore, the research question is: What is lithium's effect on creativity as compared with manic, hypomanic, stabilized bipolar, and control su ...

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Bipolar disorder

es bipolar disorder? I once heard a member of a listserv suggest that it is caused by a shortage of Lithium in the brain. One forum participant said he vaguely remembered reading an article that tried ...

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An outline of the various drug treatments for bipolar disorder and their potential side effects and limitations.

n listed in the textbook and state their potential side effects and limitations in point form.Drug: LithiumLithium is the first choice of treatment for bipolar disorders and it is indicated that Lithi ... thium is effective in the alleviation of manic and depressive episodes. 75-80% of patients who take Lithium as directed show improvement. One patient, on page 177 of the textbook, states that Lithium ...

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detected traces of an unknown substance in his sample of Petalite. This was the first discovery of Lithium.From the Greek word "lithos" meaning "stone", it was so named due to the fact that it was di ... found in plant sources. Its symbol, Li, was taken directly from its name. Soon after stumbling upon Lithium, Arfvedson also found traces of the metal in the minerals Spodumene and Lepidolite. In 1818, ...

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Cobalt & Lithium

agnets, corrosion and wear resistant alloys, high speed steels, cemented carbides and diamond tools.Lithium was discovered in 1817 by a Swedish Chemist who was analyzing a strange ore named Petalite. ... Arfvedson, detected traces of an unknown substance in the Petalite. This was the first discovery of Lithium. The name Lithium comes from the Greek word for stone "lithos". The symbol Li was taken dire ...

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A Discussion on the Abundance of Osmolytes.

ductase in the samples shown. This appears to be in both the papilla and cortical samples.Effect of Lithium. Whole animal data shows clearly the impact of lithium treatment on concentrating urine and ... e is a marked reduction in these ion levels in urine and in the osmotic pressure of urine following lithium treatment.It has been previously established that the polyuria and decreased ability to conc ...

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Flame Photometry

a quick, economical and simple way of detecting traces of metal ions, primarily Sodium, Potassium, Lithium, Calcium, and Barium, in a concentrated solution. The process is an extension of the princip ... use of flame photometry to easily ionised metals. Highly reactive metals such as sodium, potassium, lithium and calcium are generally used in this method. These elements require little external energy ...

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Portable DVD Players

s come with a built in recharger. The size of battery can vary; the best rechargeable batteries are Lithium based. Lithium batteries have a longer, stronger voltage life.DATA COMPARISON Table 1 illust ...

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Hydrogen Not an Alternative Fuel Source

viable fuel sources consisting of present gasoline run cars and cars driven by an electric motor. A lithium polymer battery that can be charged at home powers these electric motors. In order to power ...

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Identification and Biometrics.

f length and .075mm wide, as large as a grain of rice. It contains a transponder and a rechargeable Lithium battery. The battery is rechargeable by a thermocouple circuit that produces an electrical c ...

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Overview and Evaluation of Available Treatment Options for Bipolar Disorder

y, and alternative treatment) I have specifically chosen to explorer the efficacy of the medication Lithium, the psychotherapy Interpersonal and Social Rhythm therapy (IPSRT) and the alternative treat ... al and Social Rhythm therapy (IPSRT) and the alternative treatment of Bright Light Therapy. I chose Lithium because it is the most commonly used treatment and is considered the "archetypal" mood stabi ...

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