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Dont you ever wonder what going on in our teenage minds? well here are some issues and problems that a teenage girl faces during her days....come and read her journal and see whatthis girl faces...

g and crying and stuff.... im so fusterated!! ah fuckin matt n paolo like me again! oh no, shit yo! lol ah and umm well yesterday night paolo came to my house and yea we went outside and "TALKED" yea ... e does haha... something like dat!..well yea!damn well right now mine n paolo's song is playin ah!! lol ... ew yea we have a song... well at least we had one...yea he broke up wit me last for some rea ...

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One of the most fascinating revolutions in American history has to be the e-mail revolution

stroyed the English language for many people, especially the pre-teen to teenager zone. Words like "LOL" (Laughing at Loud), " Cuz" ( Because), and other words that people are too lazy to write in ful ...

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; dinoX|atwork was kicked by ChanServ (Bye. (|Pulse|)) [08:17] «@|Pulse|» lol [08:17] «Parkey|Homewerk» lol [08:17] "¢"¢"¢ Joins: One ... uo; so sence in clogging the shower drain with mah cum [08:13] «@|Pulse|» lolo [08:13] «@|Pulse|» dino sits lonely in #tbos "¢"¢"¢ &A ...

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last Sunday, and had not seen anything but NIH for a whole 6 months. What a typical Chinese trait! LOL So, I drove them to see a little bit of the Capital in Raleigh, Duke University and UNC.I played ... titution and resources to withstand this storm. Yo, you better pray. Or, I may come after your job! LOL I left for Atlanta late Sunday, and arrived around 2:00 AM. I set the alarm clock for 7 AM. But, ...

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talk to your friends secretly with this language and other ppl wont know what you are talking about lol! its very usful if you wanna say something you dont want anyone else to hear... Well have fun an ...

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The Big Bang

mean the man was used by everyone. i am just saying this so i can finish a report on albet einstine lol can you belive it. All i want to do is find out were i can get some infomation about the poor sm ... t belive me try it out for yourself. they think i am writing about the big bang on a business colom lol i can beilve it. anyways i hope this the thory of the big bang was started by Bill cosby. I swea ...

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thecutie1ishere: um. who is this? KaliWaKer33: its clint thecutie1ishere: clint?

en? thecutie1ishere: i dunno.thecutie1ishere: you have brown hair and cute lil glasses.KaliWaKer33: lol were do u live? thecutie1ishere: ecko lake.KaliWaKer33: lol have i met u? thecutie1ishere: yes.. ... e.KaliWaKer33: lol have i met u? thecutie1ishere: me. a lot KaliWaKer33: lol really? lol i dont hate n e one thecutie1ishere: ooooook.thecutie1ishere: then...thecutie1ishere ...

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n a fun way by writing the first thing that comes to mind and using abbreviations for words such as lol, which means laughing out loud.Online social discussions can be improved with the use of critica ...

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Extended Language Study

s simply because it is much easier to type than typing the entire sentence or phrase. For example, "LOL", which is the abbreviation for Laugh Out Loud, is commonly used in video games and text messagi ...

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