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Halo 2

of my lame Discovery channel similies and back to the game.In the end of the first Halo we see that Master-chief has just blown up Halo. And he flies away and lives happily ever after...or did he?In t ... ins, that Elite will be left behind.Ok hang on i got typing cramps...Now in a galaxy far far away...Master-chief is at a ceremony where Sgt. Johnson is promoted and Captain Keyes daughter is awarded a ...

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A book report on the book- Halo: The Fall of Reach By: Eric Nylund

results.The main character in this story is a Spartan by the the name of John, also referred to as Master Chief. He leads all of their operations, and his fellow Spartans trust him, even when their d ...

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Heroes in society

hem.Firstly, heroes all have a unique factor that sets them apart from society at large. Some, like Master Chief, have a special suit or item that enhances their capabilities far beyond those reachabl ...

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Men of Honor Movie Analysis

rst amputee to be reinstated back to full active duty and was soon after pronounced the first black Master Chief Diver, something he'd always dreamed of. Robert Ebert, a subtle, film critic for the Ch ... ith phony action scenes but follows the curve of Brashear's life as it intersects with another man, Master Chief Diver, Billy Sunday. Sunday is a red neck who at first hates Carl and then gradually ch ...

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f color to ever hold the rank of a Navy Diver is depicted below.The movie starts off by introducing Master Chief Billy Sunday a US Navy Diver, who was under arrest for being absent without leave (AWOL ... Sunday and the two guards were watching TV news broadcast about the ongoing salvage operation when Master Chief recognized a familiar face on the screen. One of the guards made a racist joke; Master ...

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