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'How true would it be to say that Socrates was a sophist?'

Sophists were travelling teachers who went around the cities of the mediterranean teaching skills such as the art of rhetoric (or eloquence), and claimed to be able to ...

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These are great study notes on the Punic Wars

had partial control over Sicily before wars and whose location was ideal for trading ground in the Mediterranean.The first war (264-241 BC) started because a conflict between two different city state ... through northern Italy winning every battle along the way. Meanwhile the Romans had control of the Mediterranean Sea and stopped reinforcements from Spain.Scipio, a Roman general, drove the Carthagin ...

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Henri Pirenne Thesis, explained and proved.

after the Arab invasions of the seventh and eighth centuries had swept around the perimeter of the Mediterranean and had converted it into a Moslem lake upon which, as one Arab writer graphically sai ... one Arab writer graphically said, the Christians could no longer "float a plank."The waters of the Mediterranean have held the Roman empire like cement; over its waters had passed trade and commerce, ...

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Analytical Bibliography on Hannibal and the Second Punic War.

ic from 218-202 BC, was the final major Carthaginian military opposition to Rome's dominance in the Mediterranean. Hannibal, born in 247 as the eldest son of Hamilcar Barca , was trained under his fat ... ful commercial state to a defenseless mercantile town, establishing Roman hegemony over the Western Mediterranean.With a ruined economy, the people of Carthage turned to their national figure Hannibal ...

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Several aspects to the plague that reveal its severity are the cause of the plague, its social and religious effects, and its influence over the population.

ship rat, called the black ship rat, was carried in the baggage of merchants traveling all over the Mediterranean.3.Within six months of docking, half of the region had fled the country or died.B.Doct ... the region had either fled the country, or died. That fleet, along with many other fleets along the Mediterranean Sea, brought the greatest natural disaster to the world (Gottfried xiii). The infested ...

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ciety striped of authority can only inspire admiration.The Roman Empire, during the conquest of the Mediterranean, became extremely dependant on the use of slaves because of its haphazard expansionist ...

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Augustine in Church History.

sought out and that elegance was irrelevant.At that time, Manicheism was spreading fast through the Mediterranean. Manicheism often made fun of the Bible and its teachings. Augustine believed in Manic ...

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This is a short essay on why the Roman empire fell.

ted the Empire's decline. One reason the economy dropped was that hostile tribes and pirates on the Mediterranean disrupted trade. Another reason was that the wealthy spent money on luxury items from ...

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Carthage War- Punic Wars How Rome destroyed the City and Carthage did not have a clue of what would happen until it was to late

Carthage was a city, which controlled all the Mediterranean trade and owned North Africa. Rome controlled the entire Italian peninsula. While expa ...

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Hannibal and the Downfall of Carthage: Hannibal's decision to cross the Alps rather than the Mediterranean in the 2nd Punic War

e against Carthage?s greatest adversary: the Roman Republic. Two great powers separated only by the Mediterranean, the clash between the two was inevitable. By the age of eighteen, Hannibal was one of ... nd Europe and attack Rome from the mainland as opposed to the usual, much shorter, route across the Mediterranean.In this unique act of daring and boldness, Hannibal Barca had made a rash decision whi ...

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Three Main Events that Caused the Escalation of the Cold war up to the Berlin Blockade

They also disagreed on the size of the German reparations and the Soviet's demand for a bas in the Mediterranean. So it is clear that the first disagreements and therefore the roots of the mistrust b ...

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Cultural Analysis of Spain

the Iberians arrived in Spain. Migration into Spain continued from Europe beyond the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean, and North Africa. Following the Iberians, came the Celts. The two cultures merged and ... in is bordered by the Bay of Biscay to the north/northwest, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea and Balearic Sea to the east. Spain's capital, and largest city, Madrid has an urb ...

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The transformation from regional to world powers in both Han and Rome was inspired by the customs and ideas of previous cultures In this essay, a comparison of the two areas can be found.

n the ancient Qin dynasty's institutional ways along with Confucius' intellectual power and Rome on Mediterranean predecessors. Although these empires had no real contact with each other, they had muc ... nt in civil war, especially during the first century when the republic was extending throughout the Mediterranean creating political crisis and torture like Han. After many years and many rulers, thes ...

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Metals in the Bronze Age

s were Cyprus, Central Italy and Sardinia. Therefore, the distribution of metal ores in the central Mediterranean is a very significant element in relation with the Aegean presence in the area. The mo ... way (1992:5), the fact that these early Mycenaean foreign relations were primarily with the western Mediterranean probably reflects not only the immediate need for new metal sources but also the Minoa ...

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Chapter 5 outline (World Civilizaitons).

story. The silk routes were one of the most famous such trade routes. They connected Western China, Mediterranean, and even Western Europe. Many civilizations had to go far from their borders to prote ...

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As a Director if 'Twelfth Night,' explain how you would Exploit the Comic Potential of Act 3 Scene 4 and Act 4 Scene 2. GCSE A grade

's comedies (for example 'Twelfth Night') have many things in common, for example they often have a Mediterranean setting; in the case of 'Twelfth Night': Illyria. They also often have disguise (Viola ...

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Greek Colonisation

iddle of the 8th century and ending in the middle of the 6th century BC was the colonisation of the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas by the ancient Greeks. The reasons for this colonisation include: ... n during this period can still be seen today by the widespread presence of Greek culture around the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas. What we call today mainland Greece, is a mountainous penin ...

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Policy of Containment

ust ten days after he took office. He then vowed to not "baby" the Soviet no longer.A crisis in the Mediterranean prompted President Truman to show his colors. On February 21, 1947, amid a civil war i ... abroad.The significance of what became known as the Truman Doctrine far outlasted the events in the Mediterranean: the United States had declared it's right to intervene to save other nations from com ...

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Italy Report: Discussing Canada's trading relationship with Italy

mprove their balance of trades. Italy is located in southern Europe and is surrounded by the Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Adriatic Sea's. Like Canada, they are a democratic country wit ...

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Alexander the Great

xcept little did the king know, Alexander would become one of the greatest rulers ever known to the Mediterranean. One Greek story concerning Alexander as a boy is about the taming of a wild ho ...

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