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Ballistics Lab

.8 m/s^2, its negative because the acceleration is down, now what this tells us is that over a long period of distance the velocity will continually increase but in a negative direction which in this ... ht down. We learned about terminal velocity, which is the starting velocity at a certain point in a period of time. We also learned about weightlessness, which is just saying that you have no gravity ...

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Experiment: Motion Analysis

PHYSICS LAB REPORTExperiment1: Motion AnalysisAim: To analyse motion of different types of balls rolling over inclined p ... ks, one cricket ball, one tennis ball, one plastic ball, three stop watches (digital or analogue).Experiment setup:Method: One by one, the balls were made to roll down the plank onto the smooth flat p ...

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Biomechanical analysis of a sprint start

h things as velocity and acceleration. The subject that was used was male and one meter eighty centimetres tall, and weighed seventy seven kilograms. Once everything had been set up accordingly, and t ...

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Investigation of free fall.

d and manipulated to calculate mathematically the uncertainties of displacement, time and the total percentagerelative error. No. Of Blocks Time (s) Average Time (s) Uncertainty For Time (s) Percentag ... esentation & Analysis Of Results Ascertained: Table 2 ~ The table depicts the Uncertainties and Percent Relative Error for Time Squared (s2) Derivation Of The Gradient Of The Graph Of Time Against ...

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ccidentally dropped.In order to examine this problem, we will have to look at it from two different perspectives. The first aspect will deal with the x-direction and the second will deal with the y di ... From this information we found that the initial velocity was approximately equal to 9.1 meters per second. If this was an accident, it would be reasonable to believe that the initial velocity was ...

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momentum lab

asurer, four meter sticks, two timers, and a couple of weights of different masses. To start this experiment, find flat ground and remember to verify it's flat by using the level measurer. Place the f ... rt two should be touching the end of cart one.The first trial should be a simple distance trial. To perform this trial, place the two carts back to back and have one member of your group press the met ...

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