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As an unbiased investigator, we have nothing but the tapes and will take little to no heed on the testimony of the witness. We will rely solely on physics to answer this problem. The aspect that will determine the innocence of suspect, Bert, will be to find out what the initial speed of the pot was when it left the top of the building. From this information, we will be able to tell if the pot was thrown deliberately, or accidentally dropped.

In order to examine this problem, we will have to look at it from two different perspectives. The first aspect will deal with the x-direction and the second will deal with the y direction. By using the footage captured by a Miss Valentine, we will find the velocity initial in both directions and then, using this information, find a resultant velocity initial.

Diagram of incident: Summary of Method: To deal with this problem, we will have to use the footage to find a final velocity at the bottom of Miss Valentine's window.

Because of the mass of the pot, and the calmness of the weather on August 5, 2000, we will ignore any wind resistance that was involved. For this reason, the acceleration that the pot undergoes, regardless of its initial velocity is 9.8 meters/second (acceleration due to gravity).

We will use the equation: This will determine the final velocity (at the bottom of Miss Valentine's window. We will then use this information and this equation to find what the initial velocity at the top of the building was too large to be an accident. The equation is as follows: The final step will be to combine the two vectors, and find a resultant magnitude, using Pythagorean's theorem.

X-Direction: From the video, we can see that there was no displacement in the x-direction. For this reason, we will ignore this aspect of the problem, and determine the initial velocity as it applies to the y-direction.

Y-Direction: Part 1: Distance Traveled: 90 centimeters Total Time: .075seconds ( Found this using the frames/second and the number of frames) Acceleration: 9.8 meters/second/second Using this information, we will now find the velocity initial.

Velocity Final: 15.7 meters/second X-final: 8.4 meters (Distance from roof to top of Miss Valentine's window plus length of windows) X-initial: 0 meters Acceleration: 9.8meters/second/second Conclusions: From this information we found that the initial velocity was approximately equal to 9.1 meters per second. If this was an accident, it would be reasonable to believe that the initial velocity was somewhere in the vicinity of 0 to .5 meters per second. But, from the evidence, we find that this was not the case, and in fact was much higher than this. For this speed to be the case, then , there had to be a lot of force given initially, and thus producing a high initial velocity. For this reason, we will find Bert guilty for the murder of Edward Hooper.