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Materials and Methods:

The issued lab requires the following materials: One regular cart (cart one), and one spring cart (cart 2), a level measurer, four meter sticks, two timers, and a couple of weights of different masses. To start this experiment, find flat ground and remember to verify it's flat by using the level measurer. Place the four meter sticks in a row, these will be your measurement tools. Place cart one and cart two on the ground, the spring side on cart two should be touching the end of cart one.

The first trial should be a simple distance trial. To perform this trial, place the two carts back to back and have one member of your group press the metal button then releases the steel rod in cart two pushing the two carts apart. Observe how far each cart traveled before it started to slow down, then record the distance of each cart traveled before it started to slow down.

Once the measurement of the two cart's distances is recorded repeat the trial five times. Note: for this trial the carts should have no weights on them. Have two different members of your group mark off the time it took for the carts to travel to the designated distance, before friction affected its velocity, record the distance. Observe the carts movements while the mass of the two carts is similar and record the results.

For the second trial place a weight on cart one, and repeat the full process of the first trial. Note: the distance traveled by each cart will now be different from the first trial due to the difference in weight distribution that directly affects the velocity of both carts. Once again, launch the trial five times and record the distance the cart travels before...