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Atraction/Repulsion A criticism paper/statement from an art school student discussing the role of attraction and repulsion using examples of sculptors working in the 1970's.

that possesses this quality. In the sixties art was challenged again this time by the "anti-form". Minimalism left an unsatisfied need for direct matter. Performance art became a good arena for expre ...

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William Carlos Williams. Citations included

try describes very basic objects and ideas, while at the same time still keeping the very important minimalism that many people lack in the present day. Williams is a poet who values life and the natu ...

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Buddhism and Pop Culture Details the comparison between the movies "The Matrix" and "Fight Club" and Buddhists beliefs.

a self-based level. It features beliefs such as death of self, avoidance of sensual pleasures, and minimalism. Death of Self is easily the overbearing theme in "Fight Club". Quotes such as "Only afte ... hist beliefs to the masses. It's obvious the most preached themes of Buddhism are death of self and minimalism, as both movies focus heavily on them.

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Artist Dan FLavin, A survey of current works and Designs

career, the show, which opens on Sunday, is nevertheless a qualified beauty, and the latest sign of Minimalism's reconsideration.Flavin was one of the movement's founding figures, an artist who had a ... with kitsch. In various respects, Flavin seems to have come before Donald Judd in defining some of Minimalism's abiding themes.But Flavin would probably be almost forgotten if he hadn't taken the nex ...

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Aesthetic Movement [21] African American [20] Ancient Egypt [234] Ancient Greece and Hellenistic States [590] Ancient Near East [348]

Hudson River School [20]Impressionism and Symbolism [185]Islamic [426]Jewish [50]Medieval Art [2112]Minimalism [16]Minoan [40]Modern Movement and International Style [194]Native North America [67]Neo- ...

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Minimalism Art: What it is. How it came to be. Different well known examples. Also talks about Clement Greenberg the famous art critic.

d defend it as either being successful or non successful. The category of art I will be choosing is Minimalism. I am choosing Minimalism because I am not really familiar with any of the relevant categ ... my own opinions regarding the art. With that being said please enjoy my first art critique ever on Minimalism art.I would first like to explain a few things before I get into the actual critique. I m ...

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Death and Sorrow in Sylvia Plath's "Lady Lazarus" - fragment analysis

1963, and is a message from Plath to the world relating her life, her pain and struggles.The use of minimalism, fragmentation, irony at the war and atrocities there, the dramatization of the women's l ...

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ther schools of art such as Constructivism, Letterism, Fluxus, Pop- and Op-art, Conceptual art, and Minimalism.(6) The history, the influence, the importance, and the artists of the Dada and Surrealis ...

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Image And Sound In The Information Age

opies showed little originality seemed to find solace in the sublime and very esthetic emptiness of minimalism, reassured by the fact that if one possessed very little, one could never be accused of h ...

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Serialism and Twelve-tone Research Essay

y speaking, the 20th century music period was filled with "isms", such as the Atonalism, Serialism, Minimalism, etc. This essay will focus on Serialism and one of its subgroups, the Twelve-tone Techni ...

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