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Pharaoh Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV). Who was he? was he an eventful or event-making pharaoh? What did he do to Egypt during his rule? What resulted? Where did he focus mainly during his reign.

e believed in omni-present spirit. Akhenaton replaced the traditional Egyptian religion "Amarna" by monotheism and he was the only priest. Since he was too occupied with religion he did not pay much a ... a total seperate religion and he replaced the old Egyptian religion of "Amarna" by a new concept of monotheism , as the sun being the god's symbol. Akhenaton believed that "Aton" was was the sole crea ...

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Differnce between IBO Religion and Christianity

how the Ibo religion practice polytheism, belief in more then one God, and the Christians practice monotheism, belief in only one God, the creator of Heaven and Earth, his name is God. Others are, ho ... s. A difference was the practice of polytheism, which would be the believe in more then one God and monotheism, belief in one God which is practiced by the Christians. The second difference was the Ib ...

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Judaism and Western Civilization.

Judaism and Western CivilizationThe basic contribution of Judaism to Western civilization is monotheism. Understood from the standpoint of Jewish tradition, Abraham was the first monotheist. He ...

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The way Christianity viewed the Jews throught out the ages.

Later Greeks were feared because they believed in polytheism, while Jews and Christians believed in monotheism, so there ideas clashed. They had a fear of the unknown. During World War II, Jews were p ...

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Dante's Inferno and how it relates to paganism and christianity.

ise of Muhammed in the 7th century, it was laid on the Muslims for a time, despite their unswerving monotheism.Paganism was long thought to be a form of organized faith but in researching, I found, in ...

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Religious Beliefs of the Ancient Mesopotamians and the Hebrews.

e ancient Mesopotamians. The Hebrews had an ethical and moral view about religion, they believed in Monotheism, the belief in one god, Yahweh. The Hebrews "demythicized nature"(40) in that there were ...

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Hinduism - basic knowledge of Hinduism.

"religion of the Vedas," Hinduism covers a broad range of philosophies spanning from polytheism to monotheism. It is a family of countless faiths with four primary denominations: Saivism, Vaishnavism ...

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A Few Ins and Outs on the Religion Islam

the world's youngest major world religion. It claims to be the restoration of the original truth of monotheism, and thus supersedes both Judaism and Christianity. It stresses submission to Allah, the ... Adam and Later for Abraham. The Kabbah is thus venerated as the site of true religion, the absolute monotheism of Islam.Answering Muslim Objections to Christianity. Christians and Jews are acknowledge ...

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Islam is the second major religion in the world, its monotheism or believes in a single God. Its original language is Arabic. In Arabic the word Islam me ... ation. And on Fridays is the big weekly prayer where everybody goes to mosque.Muslims are extremely monotheism, or believe in one god. The god that they belief is the same god that Christians and othe ...

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Visitation paper.

that there is only one all powerful, knowing God, and this God created the universe. This rigorous monotheism, as well as the Islamic teaching that all Muslims are equal before God, provides the basi ...

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How radical was the religious program of AKHENATEN (Amunhotep III)? In particular, address the question of the assumed conservatism of the 'heretic Pharaoh' with respect to Cyril Aldred's remarks.

r half of the dynasty' . Akhenaton's virtual abandonment of the military in order to focus on a new monotheism , the cult of Aten, led to his initial description by modern eulogists as 'a pacifist vis ... e of Akhenaten's reign. Even Aldred admits that this is a sudden and undeniable example of 'austere monotheism which is quite unique in the Late Bronze Age'.The king's choice of the sun-disc as the ex ...

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Israeli-Arab Conflict

( people/ features/world_religions/index.shtml). The beginning of monotheism was 3000 years ago ( ... has created and controlled the universe (http:// Since the 6th century, there are 3 monotheism religions: the Judaism, the Christians, and the Islam; moreover, each religion has its ow ...

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Islam is more than a religion, its a way of life

Those who follow Islam are known as Muslims, or those who submit to Allah's will.Muslims believe in monotheism, or the belief in one God. There are two holy books that Muslims go by, the Koran and the ...

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Jesus and the beginning of Christianity

xpects from the people. Jesus traveled on a pilgrimage with his apostles making miracles, spreading monotheism, and teaching people the principles of the Ten Commandments. Jesus taught the people to r ...

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Christianity and Islam

's prophets, who include Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad brought the same message of Pure Monotheism. For this reason, the Prophet Muhammad was not the founder of a new religion; but the fin ...

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An Analysis of the Famous Statue of Akhenaton.

Akhenaton was the first pharaoh to introduce the concept of monotheism, the worshipping of only one god, as opposed to polytheism, the worshipping of many gods. ...

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Perceptions of God in Taoism and Hinduism

stence - a higher power under which all things are subject. Western traditions predominantly preach monotheism: that there is one all-powerful God to who is to be worshipped, and that faith will allow ... differs immeasurably from Western beliefs, there do exist several underlying commonalities such as monotheism and a great emphasis on moral behaviour. Concepts of manifestations of God and the karma ...

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Islam vs. Christianity; compare and contrast two ancient religions

ing of MoneyD. Interpretations of the Bible1. Abraham's Sacrifice2. Virgin birth/ Nature of Jesus3. Monotheism and the TrinityIII. ConclusionA. Similarities1. Messenger Angel Gabriel2. God's role in c ... clude which son Abraham sacrificed, the Virgin Birth and nature of Jesus, and the interpretation of monotheism and the Trinity.Islam and Christianity are religions based on many similar and different ...

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A comparative study of greek and celtic pagan religions, the variations between them and their demise through the Christian movement.

g they worshiped a number of gods. This is opposed to not only Christianity but also Islam in which monotheism, the worship of a singular god, is practiced. In contrast to modern belief and stereotype ... D, there wasn't an organised attempt to convert the British pagan beliefs to that of Christianities monotheism. Rather, it began with Roman traders and artisans spreading stories of Jesus along with s ...

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of the prophets to mankind. Mohammad expanded his mission as a prophet, publicly preaching a strict monotheism and warning against a Day of Judgement where all humans shall be held responsible for the ...

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