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Monsoon Wedding: Coupling of Indian Tradition and Westernization

of the film, such as the developing romance between the characters and the betrayal of a friendship.Monsoon Wedding is filled with Indian and Western traditions. At times, the two ideas clash but in t ...

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Monsoon Wedding as a window to a culture through seeing its perspective on arranged marriage and love.

Response to Monsoon WeddingIn class was the first time I had ever seen Monsoon Wedding and it was very enjoyable ... t it just shows how my culture is extremely different in our individualism and level of commitment. Monsoon Wedding was able to show this beautifully and with entertainment but it does not feel very d ...

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The movie Monsoon Wedding had the director, writer, and producerMira Nair, an Indian lady. She was born in Ind ... Deli University and atHarvard. She was an actor before. Later on, she became a director and writer. MonsoonWedding is the movie she shot in summer of 2000 in Delhi. It was shot in 30 days, astory of a ... e of Indianactors. This film won a Golden nomination for best foreign language film. At theromantic monsoon rain, the extended Verma family reunites from around the globe for alast minute arranged mar ...

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Monsoon Wedding Anaylsis

What is the value of studying a film like this for the unit Other People, Other Places?Monsoon Wedding has offered good insight into the Indian customs and traditions for the unit Other P ... mption for arranged marriages is that, the married couple are not happy and do not love each other. Monsoon Wedding has represented arranged marriages in a positive light, showing that although the br ... er in the Indian culture was found to be quite unalike to the Western culture. Studying a film like Monsoon Wedding for this unit, Other People, Other Places is essential for deepening and enriching y ...

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