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Les Miserablesy by Victor Hugo: Jean Valjean, An Angel in hell...

Les Miserables is a story of redemption, forgiveness, charity, salvation and moral obligation. The main character, Jean Valjean, enters the novel as a thief, having spent ninete ... ugh this conflict, Hugo proposes two kinds of life: the life of a comfortable, wealthy man with few moral obligations and the life of a struggling, but ultimately virtuous convict. Through this confli ... , Hugo expresses Jean Valjean"s inner turmoil and his ultimate choice to trade material comfort for moral comfort and selfishness for selflessness.In this paradise that Jean Valjean lives in, he takes ...

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Drug testing in schools. The issue of drug testing in public schools. The postion is for drug testing and gives reasons and quotas from laws.

ates. This issue raises questions regarding the protection of the students' civil liberties and the moral obligations the schools have to parents, students and society. Schools are under pressure to d ...

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Reinventing the Corporation: Companies which have lost their moral values and feel they are not responsible to the American public anymore

Reinventing the CorporationOur corporations today have lost a lot of their moral responsibilities. I think some believe they are no longer accountable. They believe they can d ... this reading. Rowe (2001) believes that our large corporations should get back to the "traditional moral values" (p. 417). I agree that we need to revive some of the moral obligations that companies ... s are following a basic set of rules that no one gets to bend then that would help things a bit.Our moral values also have something to do here. I believe everyone will agree that most of our country' ...

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Does Blowing the Whistle Violate Company Loyalty?

Does Blowing the Whistle Violate Company Loyalty?Employees have moral obligations to respect the property of the corporation, to abide by employment" onmouseover="w ... 's duty must be deserving if the duty is genuine and overriding rater that prima facie. Many of the moral grounds for employee loyalty have been destroyed. Yet there are some minimum requirements of l ...

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son give and receive justice. Being just includes conforming to the principles of righteousness and moral obligations; obeying the law; integrity and uprightness. A just person will accept laws and fo ...

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Thomas Hobbes.

Thomas Hobbes was the philosopher who supported the ideas of legal positivism that untangled morality from law. The divine right is a tool in which the government used to exercise power over th ... was that a man's ultimate concern should be the preservation of his own life. He still recognized "moral obligations" to keep one's promises even if the fulfillment of those obligations is very likel ...

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Justice in relation to the text "The Crucible" By Arthur Miller

the ideologies of righteousness and integrity in all things, in accordance to strict performance of moral obligations. The divergent philosophical notions of justice are all fanned by one common denom ... status and the ultimate belief that he, along with other authorities, are the carriers of light of moral rightness.Another fundamental technique used by Miller, which has been previously acknowledged ...

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How does power refect the choices people make? Refer and link to Monatna 1948 by larry watson, and 2 other texts of videos to support your answer to the question

luences the choices they make, both positive and negative. It comes down to the personal values and moral obligations of an individual to make important choices. The novel, 'Montana 1948', explores ch ... ack power opposed to those with immense power, and the choices they make based on their ethical and moral values. The writer uses the characters and the plot structure to communicate the main theme of ...

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Moral Law v. Divine Law in Sophocles' Antigone

onflicts is that of mortal duties opposing divine duties, or more clearly, state law (nomos) versus moral law (physis). Antigone feels that moral obligations and sacred traditions are much stronger th ... d, thus leading to the tragic end.Antigone's decision to disobey Creon shows that she puts what her moral self does (following divine guidance) over what her physical self does (following man-made gui ...

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Ethical Dilemnas in the School Districts

r school districts are full of ethical dilemmas. Our teachers and other staff have been educated on moral development and implementing these moral values to our children. Teaching personnel experience ... these moral values to our children. Teaching personnel experience dilemmas on a daily basis. Having moral obligations to society, to the profession, to the school board, and to students, they find tha ...

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Dispute Resolution in the People's Republic of China

significant element in the Chinese legal system. The emphasis on social harmony and fulfillment of moral obligations tend to discourage civil litigation in favor of conciliation and mediation carried ... behavior is dictated by ethics and a desire to seek universal "peace and harmony". Under this view, morality triumph; law and litigation is seen as unnecessary and an improper mean to regulate conduct ...

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A Critique of Trust: The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity

ty represents a crucial part of social life and is knit together by a wide variety of norms, rules, moral obligations and other habits that together shape the society. His notion is that a nation's we ...

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Lawful Contracting.

se must be supported by a bargained-for consideration that is legally sufficient. Gift promises and moral obligations are not considered supported by valid consideration.Contractual capacity. The part ...

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Pepsi Case

se must be supported by a bargained-for consideration that is legally sufficient. Gift promises and moral obligations are not considered supported by valid consideration." Contractual capacity (Cheese ...

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What are war crimes and how can they be punished?

of war crimes and what are the common repercussions in place internationally, while looking at the moral obligations of states to intervene and stop war crimes as well as make individuals accountable ... aximizing state assets through war at the expense of other states without regard to society and any moral or ethical obligations this entailed. War was always a necessary part of state sovereignty and ...

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Ethics in the Workplace

o the Merriam Webster dictionary, ethics is the discipline of dealing withwhat is good and bad with moral obligations. Ethical conflicts are inescapable today ashuman interactions become increasingly ... ethical situation in the workplace that was nothandled appropriately. For most people, adultery is morally wrong; in the military it isillegal. They should have never been allowed to continue to work ...

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Ethics Essay/ Should we restrict freedoms?

idual choice. We all know that choice ismore than simply being able to do as you please. There are (moral obligations and)laws that govern us as a society and restrict many of the choices that we woul ... ..........................................................................3. The principle of legal moralism-the individual liberty is limited to preventimmoral behavior.4. The offense principle-the i ...

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Current Ethical Issues

heory. A duty-based ethic is one in which individuals are conceived of as having absolute, inherent moral obligations to some outside source (like God or society) to take or refrain from certain actio ... of an individual's particular goals and situation (Hsieh, 1994).Using the concept of duty to guide moral reasoning often results in conflicts between specific duties, and by upholding to one duty wil ...

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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Say, on a particular day, a good friend asks of one to perform an unmentionable immoral action on his or her behalf; should one accept? An internal conflict will arise from the risk ... d one accept? An internal conflict will arise from the risk of sacrificing a relationship for one's moral's and values. Such an internal conflict is depicted in The Picture of Dorian Gary, a novel by ... d the good man who not only tried to protect Dorian from Lord Henry's influence but also symbolized moral obligations which Dorian should follow.While Basil sits on the right end of the spectrum, Lord ...

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Organizational Ethics Resolution Paper - MGT344

IntroductionBusiness ethics examines the principles of behavior within an organization that is morally accepted as "good" and "right" as opposed to "bad" or "wrong" in a specific context. Various ... crease profitability and shareholder value should be encouraged including obeying the law and basic moral principles.On the other hand, some theorists contend that a business has moral obligations bey ...

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