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Japan country analysis- overview of Japan. geography, government, etc.

I. ContextA. GeographyJapan consists of many mountainous islands with active and inactive volcanoes. About 75 percent of Japan's area is mountain ... , Shikoku, and Kyushu. All of these islands are prone to earthquakes. The highest point of Japan is Mount Fuji, which is 3,776 meters. The nearest point to Asia is Korea. The distance between Japan an ... ports. A port was even built for the new Kansai International Airport in Osaka Bay. Hills and even mountains have been raised to provide flat areas for housing.The climate is generally rainy and humi ...

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Living on the plate margins

on. As they hit each other, the front ends crumple, and lift upwards. In this type of boundary huge mountain ranges are formed. The best example of this is the Himalayan Mountains. They were formed wh ... crashed into the European Plate. The two are still being forced into each other, and the Himalayan Mountains are slowly becoming taller.Transverse BoundariesThe last type of boundary is neither sprea ...

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Story Of J Robert Oppenhiemer

e, seeing the great white light. He pictured himself as a god, a horrible Osiris that sat on top of Mount Fuji, claiming the lives of thousands and thousands, trying to drag them with him to Hades. Wh ...

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rainy mountain

od and visit Hiroshima where the bombing took place and walk on the Great Wall of China or go visit Mount Fuji the highest mountain in Japan. Antarctica would we good change of scenery and a relief of ...

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