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to participate in this new concept of security. "We are pleased to have received approval from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) for the full deployment of this system," says Dr. Joseph Atick, ...

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Legalization of Marijuana - Persuasive - Against

e percentage of our nation's violent and income-generating crimes like robbery, burglary, or theft. National Institute of Justice surveys consistently find that between one-half and three-quarters of ... aine has been even more dramatic.This is not to say that drug policies cannot be improved. The 1999 National Drug Control Strategy is implementing important changes. The Strategy's number-one goal is ...

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aska.In Alaska, plea bargaining was abolished in 1975 by Attorney General Avrum Gross. In 1980, the National Institute of Justice studied the effect of the ban on plea bargaining in Alaska, and come t ...

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Correctional boot camps.

by Dr. Doris Laton MacKenzie and Eugene E. Hebert (NIJ, 1996). One of the studies included in that National Institute of Justice Research Report, is "Boot Camps as an Alternative for Women" In March ...

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Drug abuse and addiction.

absenteeism, theft and accident-proness. A close connection exists between crime and drug use. The National Institute of Justice monitored drug use among recently arrested persons. Urine tests were c ...

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The analysis of Drugs and Crime.

ture ReviewFeucht, T. and Keyser, A. 1999. "Reducing drug use in prisons: Pennsylvania's Approach." National Institute of Justice Journal 241: 10-15.This article is about drugs, crime, and prison. It ... se was detected.Parent, Dale G. 2003. "Correctional Boot Camps: Lessons From a Decade of Research." National Institute of Justice Journal NCJ 197018: 1-17.This NIJ journal article was written to refle ...

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Rape Culture

ontinues to be a growing epidemic and does not appear to be declining. Sexual violence is clearly a national problem in need of greater governmental response. The national Institute of Justice and the ... y Research to conduct the Violence Against Women Survey (Tjaden & Thoennes, 1998). The study, a nationally representative telephone poll conducted between 1995 and 1996, questioned 16, 000 women a ...

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Non-Lethal Weapons Research Paper

-firearms like flashlights or batons.In 1972, a conference was held by the Attorney General and the National Science Foundation, to discuss alternatives to lethal weapons. Prior to the U.S. Supreme Co ... darts. At this time the research was concentrated on the use of the darts only, until 1992 when the National Institute of Justice expanded research to include all possible non-lethal weapons."There ar ...

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Childhood Sexual Abuse

ual activity involving a child where consent is not or cannot be given. In a report released by the National Institute of Justice in 1997, of the 22.3 million children in the United States between the ...

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Please describe the current three (3) strikes law in California. Also, give any solutions you feel would correct the problems that are now occuring. Please attach a bibliography.

years added to a criminal's sentence on the third strike, the gap can be as large as 28 years. The National Institute of Justice reported in 1996 that petty theft (a non-violent crime) with a prior o ... ions. California. 2002.Clark, John. "Three Strikes and You're Out': A Review of State Legislation." National Institute of Justice. Vers. 1997. Internet Explorer. 10 Nov 2004. Keyword: Three Strikes.Co ...

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Combating Organized Crime

stein, and J. Wynn. (1983). Racketeering in Legitimate Industries:Two Case Studies. Washington, DC: National Institute of Justice.

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Parole - The pros and cons will be debated by discussing both sides of the argument, for and against the provision of parole for accused law offenders.

heir parole revoked. (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2000) In another study conducted in 1989 by the National Institute of Justice found that 62 per cent of the 108,580 parolees released from prison in ... released from prison in 1983 were re-arrested for a felony or serious misdemeanor within 3 years. (National Institute of Justice website) Drug abusers make up a big majority of these offenders whose ...

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Law Inforcement History

ms now that many crimes and felons operate without borders. This made apparent the need for an international information system to track violent criminals, terrorists, and numerous other perpetrators. ... can be used, to hurt and to help. The Justice Department for the United States took a look at these National and international Data warehouses and in 1994, the National Institute of Justice increased ...

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on sentence.Parole began in the late nineteenth century. The idea of parole first came about at the National Congress of Penitentiary and Reformatory Discipline in 1870. The idea caught on quickly bec ... eleased were either re-arrested or had their parole revoked. Another study conducted in 1999 by the National Institute of Justice found that sixty-two percent of the parolees released from prison in 1 ...

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Technology in Criminal Justice: Information and Dispatch Systems

ta is critical to keep the public safe and have faster response time for all agencies involved. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ), through its CommTech program, works to develop solutions to the ... to include common procedures and governance agreements (NIJ, 2006).References:AIU Cybrary. JustNet. National Institute of Justice. (2006). Communications Interoperability:Basics for Practitioners, NCJ ...

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DNA And Society

eloping techniques designed to link criminals to crime scenes. In October of 2000 they unveiled The National DNA Index System, which catalogues every U.S resident's DNA sequence. This will allow autho ... a few locations, expose corresponding areas on the X-ray film. Scientists in coordination with the National Institute of Justice are now developing credit card sized chips that will have the ability ...

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Boot Camp

d by an overloaded juvenile court system and the growing costs of youth detention. According to the National Institute of Justice, juveniles in custody for delinquent offenses increased 35% from 1989 ... say that boot camps tend to be more labor intensive and more expensive to operate. According to the National Mental Health Association, "if youths are sentenced to boot camp when they could have been ...

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Childhood sexual abuse

ual activity involving a child where consent is not or cannot be given. In a report released by the National Institute of Justice in 1997, of the 22.3 million children in the United States between the ...

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Juvenile Crime Statistics

normally enter prison under very different circumstances than young men. In September of 2000, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) published research on young women in the American Justice System ... ency Prevention database.Steinberg, Laurence. (2004). Youth Violence. Retrieved July 13, 2008, from National Criminal Justice Reference Service database.

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Crimes And Drug Use

Drug Use The link between drug use and crime is not a new one. For more than twenty years, both the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Institute of Justice have funded many studies to t ... ,000, were receiving treatment through the 160 programs that were available throughout the country (National Institute on Drug Abuse 1981). Forty-nine of these programs were based on the therapeutic c ...

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