Technology in Criminal Justice: Information and Dispatch Systems

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Advances in criminal justice technology can help police to be able to respond faster to help control crime, maintain order, and responding to emergency 911 calls by regulating the flow of traffic on radio systems. By the use of technology, it can enhance the police agencies, fire departments, and ambulance services response time. When the response time is faster, the public safety and well-being is being met.

Interoperability is important to law enforcement agencies and other emergency agencies to be able to talk and share data in real time. Having real time data is critical to keep the public safe and have faster response time for all agencies involved. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ), through its CommTech program, works to develop solutions to these problems facing all the agencies involved in keeping our public safe (NIJ, 2006).

Software applications and hardware assist in the way management dispatches calls for service to law enforcement agencies and other agencies, this is called Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) (Foster, 2005).

Computer-Aided Dispatch system is a technology that can:1.capture and retain information2.field-generated incidents3.where and when the police have responded to4.access deployment needs5.provide information on problem locations6.provide an incident number(Foster, 2005).

A dispatch center is the public safety answering point (PSAP), and can do a number of things simultaneously. The design of the PSAP/CAD is important in displaying the automatic identification number (AIN) and automatic location information (ALI) that tells the call for service, the police agencies various resources, and how many police officers are on duty and their current location (Foster, 2005).

Statistical analysis software is also used in the deployment of law enforcement, firemen, and ambulance personnel. This software collects, reports, and analyzes the trend of a crime. This can help police agencies to forecast crime to some degree of accuracy (AIU Multimedia, 2006).