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The treatment of the French This essay looks at how the French people were treated throughout Canadian history.

rlier conflicts between the French and English in North America sparked the French people living in New France; to want to be subject to French civil laws and they were keen on keeping their religion, ... The early theory of the British crown was that, French ties and France's influence on the people of New France could be lost if an invasion or occupation to conqueror French territories was launched. ...

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"The Unredeemed Captive" by John Demos.

Captive, John Demos illustrates the complexities of the relationships among the puritan settlers of New England, the Roman-Catholic French of New France (currently parts of Canada), and the Native Ame ... ics as well loathed the Puritans for their self-righteous, over-zealous nature. Both believed they knew the only true way to salvation and both undermined each other at every turn. When captured, the ...

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Natives during the Fur-trade, what influences the Natives had towards the fur trade.

ade. If not for the Native involvement in the Fur trade the French could have lasted long enough in New France to develop an economically stable trade of furs. This paper will argue that the French fu ... supplied the French traders with women, mostly through trade, so that they might have someone who knew the land. Without these Natives' brides the men wouldn't have been able to learn the ways of the ...

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The Impact of Colonization in America.

any of the immigrants traveled to North America in hope of finding religious freedom or riches. The new colonies relied heavily upon the natural inhabitants of their 'new world' - the Native Americans ... ed between the French and the Algonquin and Iroquois tribes, which revolved around the fur trade in New France. Numerous French leaders established political relations with the two tribes; however, as ...

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Biography on Samuel Champlain.

Samuel Champlain(1567? -1635)Called the "Father of New France"Samuel du Champlain founded Quebec, the first permanent French settlement in North Americ ... uring its early years. He explored Canada as far west as Lake Huron and also discovered the lake in New York that bears his name.Samuel du Champlain was born in 1567 in Brouage, a small French seaport ... th his uncle. This voyage led him to be on a charted French vessel that went to the West Indies and New Spain with the annual fleet. On his return to France two years later, the 32-year-old Champlain ...

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A brief biography of life and explorations of Jacques Marquette.

quette and Jolliet is one of the most interesting chapters in the history of the exploration of the New World.Jacques Marquette was born on June 1, 1637, in Laon, France. He was the sixth and youngest ... ssionary overseas.In 1666 Marquette's wish was finally granted. His superiors sent him to Quebec in New France (now Canada). There he studied Indian languages, and in 1668 he was appointed to a missio ...

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French vs. British treatment of Native Americans during the early years of American colonization. Written for AP US History class - I recieved a 25/25.

them with food and guides. During this same time period both the Iroquois and the Indian allies of New France suffered great losses of population in the face of epidemics and disease. English coloniz ...

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Geopolitical conflict in French Canada

esence in Canada after the French claimed land there. After claiming increasing amounts of land for New France, a series of wars broke out between the two groups. Eventually (1763) the English defeate ... out between the two groups. Eventually (1763) the English defeated the French, and took control of New France. Even though the British now had authority in the French region, they allowed the French ...

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"The Duel for North America" Study Notes.

France Finds a Foothold in CanadaFrance was another latecomer in the scramble for New World real estate, like England and Holland, and for basically the same reasons.A new era dawned ... ich the harassed Huguenots strove to create in Brazil, Florida, and South Carolina.Old Feudalism in New FranceThe government of New France (Canada) finally fell under the direct control of the King, a ... lord in chickens and other produce.Red Men and Black Robes in CanadaFur was the big "money crop" of New France. Lush pelts, especially beaver, were popular in Europe for their warmth, adornment, and t ...

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Louis Jolliet

as born in September 21, 1645 and died in the spring of may of 1700. He had been born and raised in New France. Jolliet was the first important explorer who was a European descendent and had been born ... ). About a year later he returned to Canada and became a fur trader, which was the main business in New France at that time, and that was where he met an explorer named Father Jacques Marquette. ...

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The Causes of the War for Independence

vernance by quarreling with the royal governors. In 1763, after the Treaty of Paris, France created New France, the province of Quebec. A line was drawn along the mountain sources of the rivers flowin ... e over taxation culminated with the Stamp Act of 1765. The colonials did not object to taxes, they knew that government costs money, that it was the duty of every citizen to pay his just share of the ...

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Canadian Diversity and it's effect on the rest of the world

from fish to eggs to furniture. Canada's vast land provides many resources. We have acquired many renewable and non-renewable resources for our benefit and the benefit of others; to produce and then e ... tries that didn't want to have anything to do with one another, they were prospecting for potential new land. Then war between these two cultures broke out, finally in 1763 the British Crown would for ...

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The New France FARMING In the early days most people farmed for a living. Pioneers start farming by cutt ... es were grown in the settlements. The same vegetables were not popular in all places for example in New France potatoes were thought to be pig food.Hunting and Fishing Hunting and fishing were another ...

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Analyze the cultural and economic responses of TWO of the following groups to the Indians of North American before 1750: Brits, French, Spanish.

Lucy Shen 9/9/07 1st pd. When Christopher Columbus first set foot upon the New World and began trading with the natives he incorrectly dubbed "Indians", he had no idea that hi ... of societies between Native Americans and both the French and British.France, a late arriver in the New World, established its first settlement at Quebec in the form of a granite sentinel overlooking ... ring the Revolutionary War. The Iroquois did however have neutral relations with the French because New France had an important resource that drew the eyes of both Europeans and Indians; the beaver. B ...

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An Abstract of Chapter 5: Canada to 1663. [book auth.] J.M. Bumsted. The Peoples of Canada: A Pre-Confederation History

. Bumsted. The Peoples of Canada: A Pre-Confederation History. s.l. : Oxford University Press, 2003.New France’s population during the 17th century initially failed, moreover hostile action and c ... 0 people populated what is now Québec. In the following years, King Louis XIV of France made New France into a royal province making it more secure than ever before. (2)The Natives viewed the n ...

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Assimilation or accommodation

With the end of the Seven Years' War and the fall of New France in 1763, Britain assumed control of almost all of North America. The Seven Years' War was ... Ohio Valley. A valley rich in the fur trade industry and land good for future settlement. Britain's newly conquered country would now have to deal with the opposing cultures to which forms their popul ... with the growing population. Attempts of both assimilation and accommodation were evident among the newly conquered French population. Since the British were the dominating culture, many Englis ...

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National Constituent Assembly

s who had become emigres after losing their land, clergy who had refused to swear allegiance to the new state, loyal Catholics, the Sans Culottes and a rapidly growing republican movement, that were u ... inated from the National Assembly, and its purpose was to write a constitution that would create a new France, one that was based on equality, liberty and fraternity - a nation governed by the people ...

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The Royal Ontario Musuem

arrangements.Thirdly, the design and styles were unique in each showroom. Furniture was produced in New France by trained cabinetmakers. Their furniture followed the styles of the Louis X111 periods i ... ers. Their furniture followed the styles of the Louis X111 periods in France. The cabinet makers of New France depended on local woods. Large cabinet pieces such as armoires, cupboards, and chests, we ...

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Essay The French have had a great a great effect

ished a fur trade. In the 1600s, the French settled along the Saint Lawrence River, naming the area New France. In the Treaty of Paris, France gave the land to Britain. Canada is the second largest co ...

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Comparison of the Contact Experience Between Indigenous People of the US and Europeans

s the way relationships shifted over time, and explain how these relationships impacted life in the New World for both native and European inhabitants.In the 15th century Europe was isolated, and had ... dramatically changed because of exploration. As European nations began to establish colonies in the New World, they discovered that Indians of varying cultures, traditions, and values already inhabite ...

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