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Essay The French have had a great a great effect on people worldwide. Many countries parler francaise because they were once ruled by France. Francais is almost a universal language. The language can be heard all over the world.

Many French fishermen sailed to Canada in the 1500s. They developed a thriving fishing industry. Mais more important, it established a fur trade. In the 1600s, the French settled along the Saint Lawrence River, naming the area New France. In the Treaty of Paris, France gave the land to Britain. Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is found in North America. The main economic activities are service industries and manufacturing. Almost all Canadians are of European descents. The duex languages are anglais and francais. Most French speakers live in Quebec. The early French settlers brought the Roman Catholic faith to Canada, and are now the biggest religious group today.

Each province and territory had its own school system. Usually school systems have douze grades. It is now an independent country but had kept close ties with France.

The French were the first European settle in what is now French Guiana. They came in the 1600s. It became a French colony in 1667and is still under French control. France began to send prisoners there during the French Revolution. It served as a penal colony for about 150 years. Then it became an overseas department of France in 1946. Guiana is found on the Northeastern coast of South America. The country depends heavily on France for financial support to operate its government. Its economy is not well developed mais has important minerals and resources. Almost all the people there are Blacks or Creoles. The official language is francais mais many of them parlons a dialect that is a mixture of anglais et francais. The majority of the people are Roman Catholics. Children there are required by law to attend school. Since it became a department of France, Guiana had worked, with the help of France, to develop its economy and improve the life of its people.

Portuguese explorers were the first Europeans to reach Guinea, in the mid 1400s. France began to control parts of it in 1850s. They gained territory through treaties and conquests. It actually became a French colony and was called French Guinea in 1891. Guinea is found on the west coast of Africa. Its exact boundaries have never been clearly defined. It had much potential for economic growth due to its abundant amount of natural resources. Almost all of the people there are Black Africans. The official language is French mais many of the people parlons une of the country's huit African languages. 85% of the people there are Muslims. The government operates free public schools and requires children from the age of 7- 19 to attend. A majority of the people are farmers and raise crops to feed their family and for export. Guinea officially became an independent country on October 2 1958. It now had strong economic ties with France.

France has ruled many countries. They enriched those countries' traditions and beliefs. Those countries vary, such as North America, South America, Africa, and many more. They have been in wars to expand its colony. They are depended upon their departments for money to support their government. The French language is used internationally to communicate by countless people.