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How air pollution can affect an individuals health and the causes of air pollution.

risk of dying of lung cancer per year than those in the least polluted cities, the study showed.An NYU environmental scientist, George Thurston, said the risks were identical to those faced by nonsmo ...

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A summary of an article about intuition.

warmth. Findings showed that these ratings were very accurate. According to John Bargh, Ph. D., of NYU, "We're finding that everything is evaluated as good or bad within a quarter of a second. So bef ...

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Autistic children at NYU

ldren with autism, and needless to say the stereotype was completely left behind.The event, held in NYU, was a combination of a performance, and a viewing of a gallery of paintings, sculptures, collag ...

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Sonia Sanchez

to. She went to Hunter College where she got her BA degree in the year 1985. She studied writing at NYU. She became a feminist and had a very important role in Black's rights movement in the 60's. Man ...

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Sex Discrimination

ven when working at the same position, a man and a woman do not earn the same amount, as a study by NYU?s Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Travel Administration illustrates. In comparing male salar ...

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Fighting for Air: Battle to Control America's Media

ces ganging against it. This book by Eric Klinenberg, who is an associate professor of sociology at NYU, scores more points than other books written on the same topic because; it begins by analyzing t ...

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ed in becoming an orientation leader to ensure that all the incoming students get to enjoy all that NYU has to offer. I didn't have a proper orientation when I first came to NYU so had to learn the ro ... f. My goal is to make sure that all the incoming students hit the road running and can enjoy all of NYU and how to maximize their experience here. 2. How would you define the responsibilities and cha ...

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