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Socrates on Athenian law and obedience

to obey the laws of their society, 2) because the society gave you an education and family, you owe obedience to that society and finally 3) by remaining in that society and being aware of its laws th ... be more honored than your mother or father (Crito 51a). He also argues that to bring violence or disobedience to your country is seen as more dishonor than disrespecting your patents (Crito 51c). Socr ...

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A Critique Of the Stanford Experiment

Education of a Torturer' is an account of experiments that has similar resultsto that of Milgram's obedience experimentsthat were performed in 1963. Though bothexperiments vary drastically, both have ...

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The Crime at Compiegne

y' and the 'extraordinary.' Where the 'ordinary' masses are 'by nature conservative, staid, live in obedience and like being obedient,' the 'extraordinary' few 'all transgress the law... for the sake ...

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What the Divine Command Theory means according to Emil Brunner and how Kai Nielsen objects to that theory.

y? According to Emil Brunner "Genuine humanly good is found only in the unconditional, unquestioned obedience of man to God." That this is a power from God. According to Ms. Rodrigues' explanation "mo ...

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This essay indicates to what extent findings from obedience research be applied beyond the research setting.

To what extent can findings from obedience research be applied beyond the research setting?Obedience can be defined as complying with ... many levels, from something as everyday as a child obeying it's parents, to more shocking levels of obedience, such as the horrific destruction of millions of Jews in the Second World War.It had been ... Hitler when he was at his most powerful. This was called the Fascism Scale (F Scale), and said that obedience was abnormal. It was to do with a person's disposition, to whether they would be obedient ...

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Was Stanley Milgram's Study of Obedience Unethical

ckly and fully alleviated after the experiment. When questioning whether Stanley Milgram's study of obedience is ethical, one must address these questions in the context of his experiment.The purpose ... one must address these questions in the context of his experiment.The purpose of Milgram's study of obedience was to determine the degree to which a person will be obedient to an authority's orders or ...

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Man's best friend.

. Then the owner may send his dog to a training facility. This sometimes works but occasionally the obedience wears out. This may drive the owner crazy. When the owner cant take it anymore they may se ...

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The male/female relationships in the book "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker

erson. His father is a man who believes that love is not the point while trying to find a good wife-obedience is. The woman doesn't have to be attractive, rich or one who is in love, all she has to do ...

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Jean-Jaques Rousseu, Wes Civ 190. Includes link to sources for The Social Contract, Discourse on the Origin of Social Inequality, and Faith of a Savoyard Priest!

o have his mind set for his preferred government. He suggests that constant union (blood and laws), obedience to laws, and respect for ministers was key to survival, whereby a republic should not only ...

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Live and Love

ed. There is the instinctive love between parents and children; the healthy development and dutiful obedience of the children make the most loving requital to the devoted love accompanying them ever s ...

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The Unholy church. Who and how does Geoffrey Chaucer satirize in the Canterbury Tales and what is his opinion on the Church?

aracters is the Monk; a man who one must remember has vowed to lead a life of poverty, chastity and obedience. It can immediately be seen that Chaucer is not partial to the Church and the clergy. The ... is 'venerie' is not only hunting, an indulgent pursuit of a man certainly not living in poverty and obedience, but it is also an image of wealth. Chaucer tells us that this monk is the owner of a fine ...

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Canada is both an authoritarian and antiauthoritarian state.

rian system the state holds all political power, and the purpose of citizens is to serve the state. Obedience to the state means that people's actions are controlled, as they are not allowed to questi ...

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Can We Be Both Free and Obliged to Obey the State?

nd Obliged to Obey the State?All relationships, be it political or personal, involve some degree of obedience and obligation. The main one of these is the relationship between the individual and the s ... f the dominions of any government doth hereby give his tacit consent and is as far forth obliged to obedience to the laws of that government during such enjoyment, as anyone under it whether this his ...

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"Lord of the Flies" by William Golding.

e tries to setup an orderly society, based upon rules, but struggles to do so because the boys lack obedience. "He wanted to explain how people were never quite what you thought they were." (p. 49) Ra ...

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This essay discusses the elements that may lead to prostitution in colored women.

acy, one can feel the oppression clawing up our backs. Ready to suffocate women in to servitude and obedience. We can feel this oppression sharply whenever fear of the opposite sex action's penetrates ...

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Discuss some of the ethical problems faced by psychologists when involved in psychological investigations.

oning of a subject could induce phobias.Other ethically questionable studies include Milgram (1963) obedience studies, Hofling et al (1966) obedience studies, Aronson and Osherow (1980) classroom expe ... for example Milgram (1974) sought the opinion of his colleagues concerning deception needed for his obedience experiments. The general opinion was that only one or two participants would complete the ...

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Hamlets women as victims.

rfect creatures that God created. Parents and future husbands commanded the unquestioned and silent obedience of the women in all subjection. Women's importance lay only in marrying wealthy men and in ... s concludes that his rejected love for Ophelia is the cause of his insanity. He uses his daughter's obedience to enhance his own prestige in the eyes of Claudius. A demure and obedient daughter, she d ...

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Antigone: Summary and Themes of Tragedy.

icken lover, Haemon, Creon's son, killed himself. He later reverses his order, having realized that obedience to the gods and loyalty to family come before obedience to the state, but it is too late: ...

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Kate chopin's "The Awakening"

ze them from other social groups. Edna Pontellier is a middle-upper class woman who suffers by the "obedience to [her husband's] compelling wishes." Edna would rather do what she wantd, yet she yields ...

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yet little is known about his mathematical achievements. He was part of a religion that prescribed obedience, silence, abstinence from food, simplicity in dress and possessions, and the habit of freq ...

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