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This is a research paper on the effects of video games. It is pro video games, and argues against the negetive effects.

d with the musculoskeletal disorders (Gillespie). There are more problems listed by Emes in "Is Mr. Pac Man Eating our Children" including: increased metabolic rate, increased heart rate, and tendonit ... help kids learn to cope with their disease in an entertaining way, it also can make a measurable impact on utilization.If we could learn to use more games like that, then no one would have any proble ...

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Video Games: Good For You, and Bad For You

kills for planning strategic manuevers and other good ideals. Games such as The Legend of Zelda and Pac-Man aid the player in developing a sense for quick-action in a time of crisis. Playing video gam ...

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Computer Games: Effects on Children.

obably few adults these days who don't remember the excitement of playing early video games such as Pac Man, Space Invaders and Frogger. The ability to interact with a machine in a game situation was ... situation was thrilling-and still is. Today, the little yellow dot-eater and the highly pixilated spaceships have evolved into seamlessly animated characters, graphic images of demons, and lifelike h ...

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Technological Changes in Video Games

ince its launch 30 years ago thanks to some classic video games such as Asteroids, Donkey Kong, and Pac-Man. The change from board games to videogame was powerful, it was fundamental; it did more than ... her liquid.PresentIn the present game are much more efficient. Game cartridges are replaced with Compact Disc and DVD (Digital Video Drive). This enables a bigger capacity for the game and recycle abl ...

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For Violence in Video Games

ave come a long way since the simplistic ping-pong and cascade games of the early 1970s, the later space-age Asteroids and Space Invaders, and the esoteric Pac-man. Today, severed limbs, drive-by shoo ...

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Amazing Dynamite

anted to find out how variables work in programming. To do this we created an Impossible-Game Style Pac-Man and implemented a variable to change to Mrs. Pac-Man and back again. We researched how varia ... c-Man and back again. We researched how variables work in computer programming and put together the Pac-Man game featuring a variable that activates when the "alt" key is pressed that changes the char ...

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