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In sociological research, do the ends justify the means ?

he differences in research methods and various case studies to support them, but mainly focusing on participant observation.The definition of 'ethics' in the "Oxford Concise Dictionary" (1995) states ... tect the rights of those that they study ensuring that their privacy and interests are secure.Where participants feel their interests are being compromised they are likely to provide distorted or misl ...

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The methods of research a sociologist uses depends above all on the topic being studied.

and give reasons why. I willOne way to study something; in particular, a group of people; is to use participant observation, this is also called ethnography and many argue that this is the best and mo ...

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Participant observation of Alcoholics Anonymous

This paper is an attempt to explore the possible research stances available to me involved in participant observation of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) of the Lehigh County. For this field study I ch ... scussion back to the issue I have learned that being a complete observer can be as difficult as the participant observer. You are trying to maintain your identity but you can only go so far when you'r ...

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'It is impossible to be both a participant and an observer.' How far do you agree?

possible with other research strategies.There are two main types of observational methods that are participant observation, and non-participant observation. In participant observation, the researcher ... his would involve him/her doing such things as looking, listening, recording and inquiring etc. The participant observer would take on a role, which can creditably be accommodated, in a social group b ...

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Social Disorganisation: The Chicago School argues that deviance is in some sense the measure of the failure of community organisations to function.

a variety of research methods to come up with their theories: case study, qualitative research and participant observation. The Chicago School theory was based on the assumption that deviance is caus ...

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Culture and Society paper on Mexican Culture

and how is it celebrated?"The methods used to gather the information were personal interviews, and participant observation. The interviews were very informal, I have known her for about a year, and a ...

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Social and Cultural anthropology: What defines and justifies the study of the discipline.

thus the focus of anthropology can be said to be global. As a scientific discipline it is based on participant observation and fieldwork, which attempts to account for cultural variation as well as d ... unity. There are many ways of doing research, but the basic principle established by Malinowski, is Participant Observation, which consists of taking part intimately in the community studied and inter ...

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A Critical Assessment of Race Talking in Private.

cial opinions in the private sphere compare either positively or adversely to national survey data. Participant observation was used to study three separate persons and settings in order to gather dat ... ion for later discussion. The methods and data section of this paper goes into detail regarding the participant observation, as well as national survey data results. Any differences of opinions betwee ...

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An assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of Quantitative research methods.

umbers. Qualitative data spans a range of material from the descriptions of social life provided by participant observation and unstructured interviews to information from written sources.Quantitative ... ta, as the results are easily transferable to a numerical form. Qualitative data is associated with participant observation, it can include unstructured interviews, information from written sources su ...

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Answers to a series of questions about 'participant observation'

1. Suggest two reasons why participant observation is a 'highly individual technique'.It depends upon the skill and personality ... jectivity throughout the study.2. Identify two criticisms of letting 'the data speak for itself' in participant observation studies.The reader can interpret the data differently.The reader is also lef ... researcher.3. Suggest two problems that might be experienced by a researcher in undertaking covert participant observation.They could fail in covert integration, ruining all chances that were possibl ...

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Comparation of the survey method of research to participant observation.

is happening in setting because his or her results are mostly due to the samples he or she has.The participant observation method of research means that the researcher observes what is happening in a ...

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Differences in Qualitative and Quantitative Research methods for business

o point out the differences in these methods. Qualitative research is mostly conducted by utilizing participant observation, direct observation, unstructured interviewing, and case studies. Quantitati ... s so let's discuss those.Qualitative research has a wide variety of options. Let's first talk about participant observation. This is where notes and analysis are taken about a participant's experience ...

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Social Relation

that this restaurant is situated in is also the downtown area.Literature Review Many authors using participant observations report that a social setting such as a restaurant/bar/club allow people to ... suspended, a home away from home.' Methods The common method employed by these authors was that of participant observation. Aside from participant observations, all of the authors had various forms o ...

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Why hamlet is not fit to rule

ged without empathy implore bias at the deepest root. Seldom, life experience equals the paradox of participant observation with the magnitude and malice of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Although Hamlet tragi ...

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ntinuation of the beliefs and practices as accepted by the Jewish nation. Upon discussion on participant observation, my mom elaborated on a tradition called ?yortsight?. This involves the enti ...

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in it.O’Reilly describes her research method as ‘ethnographic field research’ using participant observation (p. 998). Her subjects were backpackers, mainly white and middle class from ... when she asked ‘indirect questions about current topics’ (p. 1002). In addition to using participant observation, she conducted ‘informal and semiformal discussions with individuals an ...

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Community Policing

Immigrants and minorities were the main residence. The research was qualitative and was centered on participant observation. Schneider held a voluntary position for the Mount Pleasant Crime Prevention ... t cultural difference is not always such a great factor in community policing. In the town that the participant observation research was conducted in, 95% of the people had similar ethnic and cultural ...

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