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Truck / a real life story of the sentimental value of a young man's first truck.

d the hood. Out came the alternator, power steering pump, radiator, and water pump, In went the new parts. I started it, and it started. It ran for a few minutes, and then it died. I checked the gas f ... haracter is strange and not very good, people know me to always have a few tools on me and computer parts. I am writing this to inform people that they should look at both sides of the person. The say ...

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The car was a mess

What a disaster their was ketchup all over the back seat and itsmelled like retting eggs. There was some goose guts all over thewindshield. You couldn't see ... ee out of the windshield if you tried. The trunk was fullof old smelly milk containers, tons of mud and dirt in the trunk,garbage, and old melted chocolate bars. The front seat was broken; the seatwas ... seatwas mangled, big rip in the seat, yellow stains all over. There was old stinky, and smelly, clothes in the passenger's seat thatsmelled like they had been left in the car for month ...

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Seconds Away From Disaster

ciated the gift of life really is. I can still remember the exact moment in which I began to understand that life is the most valuable gift that I have ever been given. Never again since that moment h ... hat turned out to be a life-altering experience into a life-ending disaster.It was August 16, 1992, and it was a seasonably warm summer day in the small town of Norwood, Ohio. Nothing led me to believ ...

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alves, etc. New cam is a racing cam with power range starting at 2500 RPM. Heads have been machined and intake is Edelbrock performer aluminum. Carburator is Carter AFB competition 650cfm. Headers are ... ition 650cfm. Headers are Hooker with 4 in 1 configuration. Dual flow through exhaust. New radiator and hoses. Napa spiral cell gel battery. $3300 into engine rebuild and completion.- originally truck ...

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Potential Solutions for GM and Customs Covers, Inc Decrease in Sales

Custom Covers, Inc. prides itself in its employee's loyalty and their commitment. In 2006 Custom Covers, Inc posted sales of $240,000. In 2005 Custom Covers, In ... as sales of $800.000 or more yearly. Custom Covers, Inc. has lost roughly thirty percent in revenue and has to layoff 350 workers in the last two years. Custom Covers, Inc goal is call these employees ... Covers, Inc. is aware of some of the problems that GM are facing concerning GM's decrease in sells and the decrease in the percentage of customers choosing steering wheel covers. As a loyal and conce ...

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Roadkill horror story

Too furry for a deer and too big for a fox or dog, he thought as he caught the animal's stare. He didn't much care what i ... stare. He didn't much care what it was. Once spooked, those bastards moved fast. The animal turned and fled. Jeff stomped the pedal and the old Chevy pickup lurched forward.The creature lumbered alon ... animal fit for the hunt. Tonight's kill would be easy because whatever it was, its legs were short and its movements slow.It mattered little to Jeff if the weapon were his sporting rifle or his half- ...

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