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The nurses role in the positioning of the patient perioperatively under general anaesthetic.

"Careful patient positioning is an art and a science that affects patient safety and outcomes" (Gruendemann a ... ruer but in the age of advancing medicine and technology basic nursing skills such as perioperative patient positioning are gaining more emphasis from nurses as the medical profession disregards their ... rtation, the author will re-emphasise the significance of safe and conscientious positioning of the patient under general anaesthetic. What are the physiological effects of general anaesthesia? Is the ...

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Hospital Risk Management

nd processes that can be altered to reduce the likelihood of a failure in the future and to protect patients from harm when a failure does occur. The Sentinel Event Policy also encourages organization ... delivery of health care by:· Placing special emphasis on identifying circumstances that put patients at risk of harm, and· Acting to prevent or control those risks.The CRM program aims ...

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A Literature Review About Mecication Errors and the 6 Rights to Medication Administration.

a new report is completed, health care providers will be unaware whether their goals in increasing patient safety were accomplished. The article finalizes that there has been progress in regards to p ... regards to prevention of medication errors and health care leaders feel passionate about increasing patient safety. (Berntsen 2004)The second article is by William N. Kelly, 2004, and is titled "Medic ...

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Healthcare Competition.

for healthcare institutions to compete in the future, they have to provide a better service to the patients and enhance communications more thoroughly. As having a reputation of providing the safe sy ... alth care institutions should design a system of care that can prevent errors that enable to harm a patient or cost them their lives, establishing measures that allow errors to be noticeable when they ...

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Wall Street Journal article - economic growth - Joseph T. Hallinan, "Once Seen as Risky, One Group of Doctors Changes its Ways," The Wall Street Journal, June 21, 2005, Pg A1

redited to the anesthesiologists focus. Over the past few years they have focused more on improving patient safety. Their theory is that the less harm to patients would mean fewer lawsuits.Definition ... h the increase in the investments in human capital. Anesthesiologist have decided to concentrate on patient safety through the development of high-tech mannequins that can replicate actual surgery cri ...

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St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital v. Agbor:

eeded to identify and remove from the medical staff any practitioner whose performance may threaten patient safety.In addition to the interest in credentialing shown in Joint Commission accreditation ... as been identified as negligent credentialing, signifying the hospital's direct responsibility to a patient who is injured by an unqualified physician. Specifically, the hospital is deemed responsible ...

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The Use of Restraints With Elderly Patients in the Nursing Home

For many years an ongoing debate has grown over the proper way to restrain elderly patients in medical institutions all over the world. Over the years, the use of restraints has incre ... titutions all over the world. Over the years, the use of restraints has increased, because ensuring patient safety has become a great concern. Many believe that the most common reason for using restra ... ysical restraints in the old age home should be implemented for safety reasons because many elderly patients suffer from diseases that cause decline in cognitive function, such asAlzheimer's Disease. ...

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Medical Errors

professionals to acquire and share information related to error preventionAnd quality improvement.(Patient Safety: Achieving A New Standard for Care, ).Efforts to decrease errors in health care are d ... provided, is 'safe'.Taken together, the four quotes noted above suggest that the critical issues of patient safety, medical errors and quality of health are not simple issues. Instead these are multif ...

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Risk Management Issue

y" (Shannon & Decker, 2009).Medication errors remain one of the most frequent problems that put patients at risk in healthcare (Joint Commission, 2009). In 2005 The Joint Commission issued The Nat ... ion process truly was as they struggled to accurately and completely reconcile medications of their patients. It is through information that is gleaned from the audit process that it is learned what t ...

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risk and quality managment assessment

tem is a systematic process of gathering data necessary to reduce loss and the severity of negative patient outcomes and poor quality care. Risk management systems are a continuous process that involv ... ty management work hand in hand to provide a safe environment and high standard of quality care for patients.Risk management is a continuous process of effective communication. Key concepts to risk ma ...

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