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Panoramic camera invention

ame of EntrepreneurInvention or Innovation: Innovation because it is just a different type of CameraPlace/ Location: Chicago, United StatesDate/ Timeline:1882- Peter Ansgsten immigrated to Chicago1888 ... ever thought that it could be integrated into camera we have now a days. The panoramic camera was replaced by black and white 35mm cameras. Later on this was replaced by colour cameras and furthermore ...

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Imax invention

KerrInvention or Innovation:Innovation because it is much more large than the normal cinema theatrePlace/ Location: Montreal, CanadaDate/ Timeline:1967- Graeme Ferguson made his first multi-screen fi ... IMAX film, Tiger Child1971- The first permanent IMAX cinema was opened in the cinesphere at Ontario Place in Toronto.1973- IMAX had introduced another innovation OMNIMAX an IMAX dome cinema with a cur ...

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Consumer Gaps in SA banking industry

ervices provided.Price: Service prices charged and the perception of value obtained by the customer.Place : Location, accessibility, distribution channels, means of communication.Promotion: Word by mo ... ined in the end.RECOMMENDATION TO CLOSE THE GAP:In an attempt to increase profitability, management places internal restrictions on how a service is to be performed, restrictions which deprive the sta ...

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