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Plasmid Fusion and PCR

grade in class.The AMGEN Lab that we have been doing for the past two weeks consisted oftwo parts; Plasmid Fusion and PCR. Each one is a complicated procedure of geneticengineering, with our own chee ... icengineering, with our own cheek cells and E.Coli supplied by AMGEN. I will start byexplaining the Plasmid Fusion lab.The Plasmid Fusion lab consisted of four major parts; plasmid digestion, gelelect ...

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ll be double digested with EcoRI and BamHI, which leave a sticky ends; it will then be ligated to a plasmid Litmus 38 (plasmid also be double digested with EcoRI and Bam- HI). The plasmid will then be ... e it will grow to make many colonies on a plated medium and then a mini-prep is used to recover the plasmids.Introduction:As geneticists continue on their path to understand how genes, RNAs, proteins, ...

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Genetic Engineering (genetic Technology)

where restriction enzymes cut DNA fragments from a double helix, later placing the fragments into a plasmid which will serve as a vector, thus being the third step in the procedure. The restriction en ... s entitled EcoR1. This enzyme identifies the sequence GAATTC and makes incisions to the DNA and the plasmid. However, before the fragment can be added, DNA ligase must be supplemented to seal the endi ...

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Human Cloning

gene of interest is isolated from chromosomal DNA using restriction enzymes and then united with a plasmid that has been cut with the same restriction enzymes" (HGP). When the DNA is combined it is k ...

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Escherichia Coli Absorbancy of Green Florescent Protein through Heat Shock

erichia Coli Absorbancy of Green Florescent Protein through Heat ShockIntroductionThe absorbance of plasmids by bacteria is one of the characteristics that make bacteria able to change characteristics ... of bacteria, as used for the formation of insulin, is done on the large part by the introduction of plasmids in the bacteria's environment. However, simply introduction of the plasmid in the bacteria ...

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Bacteria and Gram-Staining

s of the bacteria. It contains many of the cell's structures. One structure is contains is called a plasmid, which carries genes that are used to transfer DNA (genetic material that determines an orga ...

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bacterial recombination

ncorporated into chromosome came from the bacteria, synthesizing a complementary strand to become a plasmid or degrade and never incorporated into the genome. The latter case may occur in gram-positiv ... s of transferring genetic information from a donor cell to a receiving promoted by certain types of plasmids, and requires direct contact between them, with the intervention of specialized specific su ...

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DNA isolation lab protocol

Background:After culturing the bacteria that contain our targeted plasmid, it is time to isolate the plasmid. This an important step because not performing it right w ... olate the plasmid. This an important step because not performing it right will cause in the loss of plasmid. The plasmid DNA is isolated from the cultured bacteria following the alkaline lysis method. ... he alkaline lysis method. The cell is broken down using restriction enzymes in order to isolate the plasmid. In this traditional method, 5 different reagents are used for purification of plasmid. Each ...

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