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This is a physics lab report on finding the spring constant (k). It includes many tables and charts of data.

s it have to do with k?Objectives: Determine the spring constant of a spring, Calculate the elastic potential energy, Calculate gravitational potential energy, Determine whether mechanical energy is c ... would cause a higher value for the spring constant. It would increase the elastic and gravitational potential energies.4.b) elongation = highest point - initial spring; initial spring = 0;Therefore, e ...

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These notes explain some basic laws and definitions of energy in general and how organisms use energy.

to do work (move matter)2 types: Kinetic Energy - energy doing workex: heat (moving molecules)lightPotential Energy­­ - stored energy; can be as a result oflocation or arrangementex: roller c ... nergy; can be as a result oflocation or arrangementex: roller coaster - at 100 ft high there is morepotential energy than at 25 ft highcells - molecules have potential energy due to the arrangement of ...

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Physics trolley investigation

olley. I think this because at the top of the ramp the trolley will have its greatest gravitational potential energy (GPE) this is because it is at its highest point. If GPE = mass x gravity x height ... the same. At the bottom it will have its greatest kinetic energy. This is because the gravitational potential energy (GPE) gradually turns into kinetic energy (KE) as it falls. This happens because en ...

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Physics Coursework 2004 Table Tennis Ball Experiment

the ball to bounce. When it is at the top of the ruler before you let it go there is gravitational potential energy. This is transferred into kinetic energy when it is falling until it hits the table ... As the ball reaches its peak height it the kinetic energy gets transformed back into gravitational potential energy.Apparatus*1 Meter Ruler*Standard Table Tennis Ball*Table with even surfaceMethodI s ...

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Metabolic Process notes These are just notes for

s of an atom, known as energy levels.-as an electron moves further from the nucleus of an atom, its potential energy increases. Why? Energy is input to reduce its everyday attraction to the positively ...

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To investigate how the length of a simple pendulum affects the time for a complete swing

top of its swing it is momentarily stationary. It has zero kinetic energy and maximum gravitational potential energy. As the pendulum falls the potential energy is transferred to kinetic energy. The s ... ches a maximum at the bottom of the swing. Here the speed and kinetic energy are a maximum, and the potential energy is a minimum. As the pendulum rises the kinetic energy is transferred back to poten ...

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How does the drop height of the marble affect the size of the crater in sand?

occur only in the centre of craters that are larger than 40 km diameter.The amount of gravitational potential energy an object has depends upon its height above a surface. To work out the potential en ... surface. To work out the potential energy you need to use this equationWork done = force x distancePotential energy = mass of object x height of mass x gravityPE = mghSo the higher the object is the ...

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Notes on Metabolism

earrange a collection of matter[Kinetic energy exists in anything that moves; light, thermal energy[Potential energy is stored energy that matter posses because of its location or structure[Chemical e ... stored energy that matter posses because of its location or structure[Chemical energy is a form of potential energy stored in molecules as a result of the arrangement of the atoms in those molecules[ ...

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To investigate how the height of a runway affects the average speed of a trolley.

gate how the height of a runway affects the average speed of a trolley.Introduction: -Gravitational potential energy is the energy stored in an object as the result of its vertical position (i.e., hei ... stored as the result of the gravitational attraction of the Earth for the object. The gravitational potential energy of the heavy ram of a pile driver is dependent on two variables - the mass of the r ...

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Chemistry: Notes I took in class on Heat and Energy.

Energy- the ability to do work or produce Heat*Potential*KineticPotential Energy- Energy that is stored; comes from composition or position of obje ... position of objectEx: Energy stored in foods and fuels energy possessed by H2O behind a damChemical Potential Energy- Stored Energy held within the bonds that hold atoms or molecules together. Some mo ...

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do biological work.2. Kinetic energy is energy of motion; all moving objects have kinetic energy.3. Potential energy is stored energy.a. Water behind a dam has potential energy that can be converted t ... sipates into the environment; because heat dissipates,it can never be converted back to the form of potential energy.C. Entropy1. Entropy is measure of randomness or disorder.2. Organized usable forms ...

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Basics of physics

etic energy is a scalar quantity because it is merely a magnitude without a direction.Gravitational Potential Energy (Ug) is energy an object has because of its position in a gravitational field. The ... height to which the object is raisedThe higher the object is lifted, the greater the gravitational potential energy will be.The gravitational potential energy of an object is given by the equation:Ug ...

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Hydroelectricity: why not?

when a plant wasconstructed on the Fox River near Appleton, Wisconsin. Man had finally realized thepotential energy that flowing water has. Since then, man has come a long way ondeveloping methods to ... is used as a resource all over the world, in fact the world itself has alreadyharnessed 44% of it's potential for water energy. Norway gets 99% of it's electricity fromhydroelectric energy. However, t ...

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Aerobic Respiration

spiration is a unique process that is an oxygen-dependent pathway of ATP formation. In this process potential energy is transferred from glucose (a monosaccharide) to phosphate bonds. This process is ...

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Moral Law Vs Natural Law In The Scarlet Letter

is being in a condition where society cannot impose any rules or laws, "It is undirected impulse or potential energy which the individual will expend and express in various ways in the course of his l ...

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Energy Transfer between Cells

again. The down side is that it is extremely inefficient, using only two percent of glucose’s potential energy, as well as creating an unwanted by-product in the process, such as ethanol or lact ...

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Potential Energy

The balls potential energy was high at the top of the ramp, and the balls kinetic energy was low at the top of ... , and the balls kinetic energy was low at the top of the ramp. As the ball rolled down the ramp its potential energy decreased and the kinetic energy increased. When the height of the ramp was increas ...

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, lecture 8 3: Play better in office politics ¡V Higher position/grade, higher power ¡V Potential energy, lecture 4 2: Confirm your decision to stick with business and management ¡V ...

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Enthalpy and Potential Energy - Study Notes

kinetic energy of the water increased (kinetic energy is a reflection of temperature)-the chemical potential energy of the system decreased-released potential energy→ the ions are spreading apar ... nergy→ the ions are spreading apart (the relative positions of the ions changed)-any change in potential energy → called enthalpy change (in this case, exothermic – energy is released)N ...

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