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How air pollution can affect an individuals health and the causes of air pollution.

The study of 500,000 urbanites expands upon previous research showing that the dust released by cars and trucks, coal-fired power plants and fac ...

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A replication of the matching hypothesis theory

led directional hypothesis. This is because we are expecting a positive correlation on the basis of previous research.PB3It is a non-experimental correlational study.PB4There are both advantages and d ...

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The Link Between Big Five Personality Dimensions & Leadership

of conceptualizing personality, but the Big Five approach had emerged as the most useful, based on previous research (Botwin and Buss, 1989).The Big Five personality dimensions include extraversion, ...

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Eating Disorders Among Female Athletes

Eating disorders in female athletes may result in adverse health consequences and even cause death. Previous research has found that among female athletes, the prevalence of disordered eating behavior ... adolescents is high.Some believe eating disorders are not significant in female athletes. However, previous researches found that among-Among female athletes, the prevalence of disordered eating beha ...

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An investigation of the three R's; Rights, Roles and responsibilities, and Resources. Status relevance and factors concerning parental contribution in education.

ores the reasons or 'roots' of this relevance, what is revealed to be a significant factor, through previous research and also through a small scale research part of this study. The research performed ... n within their school, in comparison with teachers' of a comprehensive school. This may suggest, as previous research does, that parents in a 'low income' society are less actively involved with their ...

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Our current sex education, why doesn't it work?

In an analysis to this question we shall begin by looking into previous research and recent statistics regarding the purpose, status and effects of sex education, ... in this report, the current sex education at schools, in spite of their much effort, does not work.Previous research suggest that adolescents themselves, rate sex education as one of their most impor ... rs. Also, more babies of teenage mothers die during their first year than do babies of older women. Previous research suggets that most teenage girls who become pregnant unexpectedly postpone finishin ...

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Fourty famous studies that influeneced psychology

nship between birth order and intelligence. They conducted this study by gathering information from previous research and applied it to the data they collected themselves. A research project was condu ... minds were more malleable then older children and how younger children don't have a reputation from previous school years.I Can See It All Over Your FaceResearchers Paul Ekman and Wallace V. Freisen c ...

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International Students and Culture Shock

re shock, we must analyze the problems encountered by international students abroad. The results on previous research conducted by sociologists identify a series of obstacles that prevent sojourners f ...

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Reactions of C=C Terminated Self-Assembled Monolayers in Gas-Phase Ozone

ites for the atmospheric pollutant ozone are man-made materials that contain C=C functional groups. Previous research has shown that carboxylic acid-containing products were formed when unsaturated or ...

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Under what circumstances should test marketing be used? Under what circumstances should you be reluctant to use test marketing?

p maximise responseHelps maximise return on the overall marketing budgetValidates or challenges any previous research findings/prejudicesCan help find new creative expressions for the brandGenerates m ...

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"The Rorschach and Bipolar disorder": based on a journal article "Use of the Rorschach to Differentiate Unipolar and Bipolar Disorders."

nce in twins. Psychological testing may be another way in which the disorders can be discriminated. Previous research has found the responses given between the polar groups are different on the Rorsch ... jects tend to fill their responses with emotion and personal meaning. The authors felt however that previous research is lacking and would like to compare Rorschach protocols in both stages of the ill ...

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Critical Review 'Making friends in cyberspace', Parks and Floyd, 1996

flect the debates that surround the introduction of new technology and how this is altering society.Previous research in this area used laboratories where small groups either worked face-to-face(FtF) ...

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Hypothesis Testing

AbstractAfter carefully reviewing our previous research study, including the null and alternative hypothesis statements and their related ... s and their related data and its results, we noted an omission that could change the outcome of our previous report. The Atkins Diet parameters had spelled out that on Saturday evenings it was appropr ... ing Co. Steakhouses), that has an Atkins approved menu.When we take the total cost figures from the previous study, Atkins $231.38 and American $162.77, and add $50.00 (two meals at $25.00) to the Atk ...

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Race in the media

consequences of developing a self-image and personal identity and its reflection of social reality. Previous research by Shan and Thorton, state that minority groups have shown that minorities are som ...

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Psyhological Abstract

psychological stress, and measure of self-esteem among white females (Attie and Brooks-Gunn, 1987) Previous research (Casper and Offer, 1991) has suggested that white adolescent females are more diss ...

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Visitor satisfaction

t the desires of the consumer, as the key determinants of satisfaction, have not been considered in previous research. This view was supported by Spreng et al. (1996) who believed that the extent to w ...

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ernal they will do their paper really fast, since their desire comes from having the paper done. In previous research they have found that there is no relation between locus of control and academic pr ...

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Enola Gay & Bock's Car

Nagasaki, however, that the entire war was brought to its very much needed end. In all of my previous research of the atomic bombings and World War II, I have learned about the pilots who flew ...

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Research Proposal In Social Psych(conformity)

elevant in this field of psychology. There have been studies of Conformity involving Gender Issues. Previous research done on conformity has showed how women were more likely to conform in a situation ...

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Television's Effects on Society

memory for commercials, such as arousal. Many violent programs are action-adventure type programs. Previous research has shown that arousing programs impair attention to, as well as processing and st ... l messages. There is also a large body of research evidence indicating that mood can affect memory. Previous research has shown that violent programs put some people in bad moods and especially make t ...

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