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Mononucleus - Bacteria

e cells life process.Bacterium have long , thin, hairlike structures called flagella. They act as a propeller, as they rotate and move in response to chemical stimulation. Some have strands of pili , ...

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The development of air warfare during WWI.

bered eight times. They invented a timed switch that allowed them to mount a machine gun behind the propeller and fire between rotations. Another of their great inventions was luminous paint that prev ... ilot called Roland Garros mounted a gun in the cockpit of his plane and put protective plates on hispropellers was so he could shoot. He was trying to equal the German timed device but failed.As time ...

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Flight-227By Master puppetMy presentation is on the survivors of Flight-227. On October 12, 1972, a propeller-driven F-227 left Uruguay's Capitol, Montevideo, bound for Santiago, Chile - a range of 90 ...

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"The Submarine"

move is hard. Cornelius van Drebbel's sub had oars. Other old subs had bicycle pedals that turned a propeller in the back of the sub. Newer subs have an engine like a car engine powered by diesel. The ... back of the sub. Newer subs have an engine like a car engine powered by diesel. The engine turns a propeller in the back. The first diesel sub was made in 1906. Modern subs are made of metal hulls in ...

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Torsional vibration in marine propulsion

analyzed from the scope of torsional vibration as well.1.0Torsional vibrationsNaval architects and propeller designers have often been faced with the problem of propeller and machinery, such as gear ... of torsional vibration of marine transmission systems are:*Inertia forces on moving parts including propellers, gears, crank shafts, etc.*Periodic variations in gas pressure.The process of dealing wit ...

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I have Gold Gold Gold

ugh; it almost happened. Rufus Porter, founder of Scientific American, planned to fly 49ers west on propeller-driven balloons powered by steam engines. He went to far as to advertise the expedition, a ...

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Plane Crash-Case Study

uerto Rico, heading for a down island on a flight expected to last 1.5 hours. The commuter plane is propeller powered and seats 8. The pilot keeps us informed during the trip. The pilot tells us that ...

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Anselm Kiefer - "Glaube, hoffnung, liebe" and "Das Wolund-Lied (Mit Flugel)". Art Analysis.

to create a texture and the brush strokes are clearly visible. The focal point of the piece is the propeller, which is made of lead and has been welded together. The reason behind it being made of le ... a of war and bombings, and it is even more obvious to us because on each of the three blades of the propeller "faith, hope and love" have been engraved. Three is a number that is seen quite a bit, wit ...

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Solar PanelsS

sure to make a motor turn.Materials:For my project I used a solar panel, two stands, a motor, and a propeller.Procedure:1. I placed the propeller on the axle of the motor.2. Next, I attached both stan ...

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History of Aircraft

o future successes. The findings of Penaud, Mauillard, Lilienthal, Montgomery, and Chanute compiled propeller driven-driven designs, aero designs, successful hand glider flights, published lift and dr ... to be very difficult to determine. During this period there were new developments of variable pitch propellers, supercharged engines, wing flaps to increase lift, a semi-automated process for autopilo ...

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Deep Sea Creatures Project

I approached and what looked like a scaly shark with rock like skin started ramming the underwater propeller device. Luckily by speeding up the turbine we escaped. I was determined to do more secret ...

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How a boat works

uestions: what makes them go and what makes the float?The majority of people probably assume that a propeller is what drives a boat through the water. However, this is not true in all cases. Some boat ... driven by jet engines, while some others are just pushed by the wind and most of them are driven by propeller. But in all cases, the water gives off quite a lot of resistance and if the driver wants t ...

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Joseph Armand Bombardier

attached it to the framework of a normal 4 passenger sleigh. He installed a huge wooden aero plane propeller on the drive shaft behind the motor. He drove his unusual transportation through the main ...

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Nikolai Tesla

ts from his parents, he spent time reading all of his father's books and inventing things such as a propeller powered entirely by insects. The Teslas moved to the larger town of Gospic when Nikola was ...

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Engineering Studies - short report of how a Vacuum Cleaner works.

cal vacuum, the components are as follow:-Intake Port-Exhaust Port-Electric Motor-Fan-Porous BagThe propeller like fan when operating creates a pressure drop which is also in fact a partial vacuum. Th ...

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About boomerang and how to throw it

ke is that when people pick up boomerang may want to throw it like a Frisbee. A boomerang is just a propeller that is not attached to anything. So, if you throw it like a Frisbee the force will launch ...

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Harley Davidson Inc.

on. In 1947, to supplement existing manufacturing facilities Harley Davidson purchased the old A.O. Propeller plant, which the company successively converted from wartime manufacturing into a large ma ...

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