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Euclidean Geometry

nts' of Euclid. There were, and still are, many who resisted this kind of education.It is said that Ptolemy I asked Euclid for an easier way to learn the material. Euclid toldhim there was no 'royal r ... ier way to learn the material. Euclid toldhim there was no 'royal road' to geometry instead he told Ptolemy you will not learnwhat geometry is all about. What you will learn is the basic shapes of som ...

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to the south "...beside and to the east of a cape with a river..." according to a separate source, Ptolemy , in his famous Geographia. The locations of both Menouthesias and Rhapta have confounded sc ... iful to suggest that Mafia is the Menouthesias of the ancients and Rhapta was in the area of Kilwa. Ptolemy located Rhapta at 8o South (where the Delta lies) and "...near a big river..." these geograp ...

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Euclid: The Math Wiz

unidentified. It is thought that he was taught at Plato's academy in Athens and dwelled there until Ptolemy I asked him to teach at his newly founded university in Alexandria. At this school, Euclid f ...

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A historical analysis on the study of optics from pre-Socratic times through the age of Newton. By Adam R.

in the making for the last few millennia. Hellenistic philosophers such as Plato, Socrates, Galen, Ptolemy, Archimedes, and Aristotle, have all helped pave the way for those great scientists of the m ... for particular visual effects. Lastly, one of the more pertinent classical texts on the subject is Ptolemy's "Optics" which was written in the second century A.D. From these texts, in which there are ...

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The Conspiracies involved in the Philotas Affair

have too many ulterior motives to deal with this incident circumspectly.Arrian begins by stating, 'Ptolemy's account of what now occurred is this: Philotas was brought before the Macedonians to stand ... ing Craterus, a key member of the party accused of 'plotting against Philotas' and later an ally of Ptolemy in the wars of the successors, of any wrongdoings. It is understood that Arrian rejected the ...

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Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, and Galileo - a new theory of the universe.

eir systems. The planets had to follow a small circle (epicycle) around a larger circle (deferent). Ptolemy used the spherical model because of the Aristotelian ideal of circles being the perfect shap ... spent much of his time making observations to disprove it. Brahe's system was a compromise between Ptolemy and Copernicus. Brahe had the Moon and Sun circling the Earth but the rest of the planets ci ...

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e last pharaoh of Egypt, because she was not an Egyptian. She was a Macedonian Greek descended from Ptolemy the first, a Greek general of Alexander the Great. She was the only pharaoh in the 300-year ...

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Scientific Revolution and the Enlightment

ved around the sun. Not all agreed with Copernicus' theory because it contradicted the teachings of Ptolemy and the Church. If Ptolemy's reasoning about the planets was wrong, they believed that there ... hod was developed in the early 1600s; unlike earlier approaches, it did not start with Aristotle or Ptolemy or even with the Bible but with observation and experimentation. René Descartes rejec ...

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Oliver Stone's Alexander

, Alexander's mother played by Angelina Jolie, Philip, Alexander's father played by Val Kilmer, Old Ptolemy, narrator of the movie played by Anthony Hopkins, Cleitus, one of Alexander's most loyal sol ... as very bright and mostly during the day as seen during Philip celebrating him being married and as Ptolemy narrative the story. During the final battle scene as Alexander was attempted to kill an ene ...

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The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens

umbest things people have ever said like " The earth is the center of the universe"� said by Ptolemy, a great Egyptian astronomer. Then they connected it with the dumbest things kids have ever ...

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Benito Mussolini

udents couldn't ask any questions about the text or the "ancient thinkers" such as Aristotle, Ptolemy, and Galen. His father, a musician named Vincenzo, sent him there. After college, without ge ...

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Euclid Of Alexandria

about 265 BC, was educated at Plato's academy in Athens and stayed there until invited to teach at Ptolemy I's newly founded university in Alexandria in Egypt. It is there he is believed to have stay ... slave to give the boy a coin because "he must make a gain out of what he learns." Another story has Ptolemy wanting Euclid to give him a shortcut to learning geometry, rather than leaning all the theo ...

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Ag Edwards

cided to publish the book for two primary reasons. First, as the centuries passed it was found that Ptolemy's predicted positions for were not in agreement with the carefully observed objects in the s ...

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ied in Athens and came to Alexandria shortly after 300 b.c. at the invitation of the Egyptian ruler Ptolemy I. Euclid began accepting mathematical truths called axioms and postulates. From them he log ...

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Wife Of Bath: Feminist?

e commands found throughout the entire Bible on purity and chastity. She also quite badly misquotes Ptolemy (lines 188-190). Both of these examples make the Wife of Bath look ignorant, and therefore s ...

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Images of Alexander

own gains and legitimize their power. Some minted their images onto coins that bore his name, while Ptolemy even went so far as to steal Alexander's body in order to strengthen his claims to power. In ...

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Analyse and compare the information you have processed to assess the relative accuracy of the two models at predicting future astronomical events, such as the position of the planets.

Ptolemy’s Model became highly successful in predicting changing positions of the stars and plan ... changing positions of the stars and planets during the ancient times. But the predictions made with Ptolemy's model of the planetary position and precessions of the equinoxes were not quite consistent ... epicycles for the celestial objects to move on. This was necessary because Copernicus assumed (like Ptolemy) that the planets move at a constant speed. But the observed motions did not correspond exac ...

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Evolution of Business Presentation Create a 10-15 slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation describing the evolution of business. .

everal fields in Alexandria, Egypt. These warehouses were meant for sale abroad. In the time of the Ptolemy dynasty, mercantilism was a godsend. This king of Egypt owed Alexander the Great an abundant ... exander the Great an abundant amount of money for Egypt being a free country. Along with gold, King Ptolemy would send fields of grain as payment for their freedom.The price of TeaMerchants then and n ...

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How Radical was Copernicus?

evolutionize them. Copernicus attempted to continue, preserve, and build upon the classical work of Ptolemy, not destroy it. Copernicus was in many ways more radical than many members of the academia, ... ate a planetary model based on truth, not ancient beliefs.Another influential classical thinker was Ptolemy. Copernicus and all astronomers before him based their systems on Ptolemy's astronomy. Ptole ...

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Establish Alexander’s Aims and Achievements, and Consider Whether Any Key Principles Motivated Him During His Career

wrote histories of Alexander, not one of their accounts survives. Among these lost historians, are Ptolemy, Cleitarchus, Aristobulus and Callisthenes. There are two specific subcategories based on th ...

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