The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens

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Book Report "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens"� By Sean Covey This book was a very good book to read for the type of person, who is curious of how other teenagers as well as other types of teenager's think. This book showed habits that are healthy to get in to as well as ones that are not. Behind each habit was a story that expressed those habits. These were stories about other teenagers from real life situations that described their feelings. These stories were from different types of teenagers with different lifestyles. This book wasn't just good information for just teenagers but it would be a good help for anyone throughout life. It had habits that you can use to improve yourself at any age.

This book made many connections such as when they made a list of the ten dumbest things people have ever said like " The earth is the center of the universe"� said by Ptolemy, a great Egyptian astronomer.

Then they connected it with the dumbest things kids have ever said like She's so pretty-" I'll bet she's a jerk."� Throughout the book were poems that were food for thought. There were also things they called baby steps, which were little stepping-stones to help you live a healthy and fulfilling life. The first habit was to "be proactive"�, which means when things are not going your way and nothing good happens you have a choice of either to be proactive or reactive. A good habit to get in to is to be proactive; to not let bad things ruins your day. Proactive people are usually not easily offend, think before they act, and take responsibility of their actions. The second habit is to " begin with the end in mind"�, which is a very good habit because if you always begin with the end in mind you will never find yourself in trouble. In this chapter they talked about the crossroads of life, which were college, friends, sex, work, and drugs. If you apply the habit of beginning with the end in mind you will make the right decision because you know where your going once you make that decision. Another reason why this is a very good habit is because if you always apply this habit it will not be hard to try and give a full effort if the end product is worth it.

The third habit is to "put first things first."� This habit is pretty important if you want to run a smooth life, with not to much stress. If you are able to put first things first you can have time set a side for different event such as tests, reports, friends, girls, and yourself. Putting important things and urgent things first is very important when it comes to school because you will be more prepared and eventually more successful. The fourth habit is "to think win-win"�. Y=this can be very beneficial and is just as important as winning itself. If you are positive you have a much better chance of winning.

The fifth habit is to "seek first to understand, then be understood."� A big part of people who tend not to listen is something know as selective hearing, this is when we pay attention to only the part of the conversation that interests us, when we do this we get confused and forget the topic and just start talking about the part you liked. Another part of this habit is called word listening, which is where we pay attention to only the words and not the body language. The most common one we like to do is know as pretend listening where we pretend to be listening. The sixth habit is the "synergize"�, which is a really good thing to make a habit because when you work together you can accomplish a lot more. For example when a flock of geese fly together they can fly seventy-one percent farther than when they fly alone. The final habit is number seven, which is to "sharpen the saw"�, which means to always improve yourself whether it be by exercise, emotional type of stuff, mind, or soul it is always good to improve yourself.

In conclusion I really thought this was a really good book to grow on and learn from. This book had some good habits that I can use for school and even life. The things I learned in this book I will be able to keep with me forever. At the end of the book the author put in fifty great books for teen. I thought that it was pretty cool. So I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.