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Recording Engineer.

The primary responsibility of a recording engineer is to operate the mixing board, multitrack recorder, and other recording equipmen ... r is to operate the mixing board, multitrack recorder, and other recording equipment used during a (recording) session. The engineer is a technical specialist who is responsible for translating the ar ... ir producer into recorded reality.Engineers and their assistants must attend to every detail of the recording process, and decisions must be made at each step. The first task in a session is adjusting ...

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Set up a business coursework

d by lots of people. In Woking, I could place my shop near other facilities in the music genre e.g. Recording studio, Sheet music shops. The shop will sell a wide variety of musical instruments (speci ... s. The shop will sell a wide variety of musical instruments (specialising in guitars), sheet music, recording equipment and effects. The main competitors in the immediate area would be:ABC Music - Esh ...

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Tupac Shakur

as the most controversial figure in rap, as he was spending as much time in prison as he was in the recording studio. His burgeoning outlaw mythology helped his 1995 album Me Against the World enter t ... se for his music and acting, he began having serious altercations with the law; prior to becoming a recording artist, he had no police record. He was arrested in 1992 after he was involved in a fight ...

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Techniques and Technologies of the Recording Studio

"A person new to the recording studio environment might be awestruck by the amount and variety of equipment involved" (Hu ... things that those early pioneers of the twenties could have ever dreamed. There are many different recording techniques and technologies in today's studio business.To fully understand the different t ... a great deal of rock music might be small in size with highly absorbent walls. On the other hand, a recording studio designed for orchestral film scoring would be much larger by comparison, possibly w ...

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Rap Tension

of Tupac's by the name of Little Caeser knew that he was in the area, so he called him up from Quad Recording studio and asked if he would be willing to make an appearance on his newest album. Even th ... ich inturn got him shot 5 times. After the assailants took his jewelry Tupac made his way up to the recording booth. When he got there he was surprised by the reaction of the others. Tupac claimed tha ...

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-amps, vacuum tube microphones and a endless supply of rack-mountable effects. Memories of my first recordings in my bedroom fill my brain as well as the recordings from the day before. Recording musi ... an old recorder I picked up at the flee market. Soon I started adding more instruments to the later recordings. Keyboard layering worked really well for what I was doing, since I was the only person p ...

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Scapegoat Wax

hip-hop and MTV, messing around with microphones, mixers and samplers, learning the ins and outs of recording equipment, goofing with friends and dreaming of starting a band."I remember being 12 and s ... mixers and microphones, Radio Shack stuff. By the time I was 16 I knew the ins and outs of a basic recording studio. Just the real basics about multi track recording, microphones, sequencers and samp ...

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Next Big Thing

they will get behind them and help them when they can. Secondly, They need to find a quality recording studio and cut a demo that you can get a lot of radio play. When a band gets local radio p ...

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