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Franny and Zooey

oth without batting an eyelash...The great teachers, the great emancipators.'Childhood memories are ripples of waves crashing serenly throughout mymind. Memories of climbing trees, playing dress-up an ...

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"All the King's Men" by Robert Penn Warren.

hen links this idea to the idea that "if you touch it, however lightly, at any point, the vibration ripples to the remotest perimeter" (188). The actions of any person will traverse through the "web o ...

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The Bee Eater: talkes about human awareness of God.

sense. This made him realize that there was something out there, able to have control over him. "...ripples which distorted the image of his face...but as quickly as the ripples had passed, the water ...

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Increased Canada-US Border inspections and their affect on the economy.

security, North America is also facing several other problems. Like throwing a rock in a pond, the ripples extend far beyond the splash.One of the ripples from 9/11 is increased, and tighter, Canada- ... the need to take whatever measures possible, without affecting national security, to help stop the ripples of 9/11.Small businesses are being hit harder than chain stores and large companies. One gas ...

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"The hours" by Michael Cunningham.

The ripples of influence wash forward in time. From the ravaged, brilliant mind of Virginia Woolf in 192 ...

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"The Glorified Outcasts: a study of 'A Farewell' and 'Drifting on the Lake' by Wang Wei"

ranes on the sandand am immersed in joy when I see mountains beyondthe clouds.Dust inks the crystal ripples.Leisurely the white moon comes out.Tonight I am with my oar, alone, and can doeverything,yet ...

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The Asian Economy Crisis

ge contractions in activity and created a human crisis as well as a financial one. Furthermore, the ripples from the East Asian disaster were felt worldwide in the international financial markets wher ...

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Therapeutic Cloning and Stem Cell Therapy in relation to the South Korean Breakthrough of February 2004

ut most recent headlines have reignited the simmering debate about therapeutic cloning. Having sent ripples through the scientific and political communities, this issue presents at once radical advant ...

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Different, but meaningful

the skyand listen to the silent whispers of the idyllic lakeas it caresses the soul, and heartwith ripples, and bubbles, of pleasure and leisureThe flowerbeds of myriad colorsbrightly seeps in my hea ...

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Absinthe: The Green Fairy that Made them all Mad

een before. Then, the mystical fairy traveled across the seas to the United States where "she" made ripples in the American culture. Eventually though, the powers of this "fairy" were found out and "s ...

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An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge

e language was consistent throughout the story until the last few sentences. His description of the ripples in the water to the sound of the gunshots made every image vivid. However, Peyton's death ha ...

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An optimistic look at the future fuel crisis

life, seeking to expand its influence and "control" over prevailing circumstances in ever-widening ripples of influence. The line between the illusion of control and actual control is not bright and ...

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How does Okara in "Piano and Drums" respond to the two types of different music and instruments?

ms. The words used to describe the drums are violent and raw: "bleeding flesh", "pounce" and "blood ripples". These words show the wildness and primitive culture of the African way. The names of wild ...

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Gasoline Supply, Demand and Price Changes

ch a point that it was almost crippled. Political threats, though not direct to the supply can send ripples though gas prices. The need for change in American gasoline consumption will also be discuss ...

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The dawn

e, a desolate "ghat" on the banks of Ganges. The place was absolutely quiet except the sound of the ripples striking the cobbled steps and almost imperceptible rustle of the night air. A few dogs coul ...

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Julie's Wings (Fiction)

tree branches. The leaves that had fallen the day before now danced in the K Mart parking lot like ripples on a calm lake. The frost on Julie's car windshield looked like crystals in a Norman Rockwel ...

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Discovery Park

ked the rivers and made the Puget Sound into a large lake. The Olympia Formation is know to contain ripples and has iron oxides in the sediment which explains why it is a reddish brown color. The seco ...

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des. Once dried, (which didn't take long) he dipped his brush in the bowl of clear water. The small ripples carried the excess color to form circles of green. It swirled around inside the bowl like ru ... rs of that chocolate brown near the sides of the road. he dipped the paint brush in the water. More ripples moved along with the residual paint polluting the now green water. It was time to some civil ...

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Supply and Demand

t it was approximately crippled. Political intimidation, though not straight to the supply can send ripples although gas prices. Moreover, the need for change in American gasoline expenditure will als ...

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Heres Your Sign

routine. One thing that is not mentioned in his routine is how human stupidity can cause traumatic ripples in others lives.Through that weekend, I remained focused in the here and now, real time. Upo ...

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