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Julie's Wings "Will that be all?" Julie asked as she rang up the Christmas items on the cash register. Last month she was named "Employee of The Year". She had worked every weekend and holiday for the past three years. At the time she didn't think much of it. After all she was only doing her job. But she wasn't thinking of her award right now. Julie knew that as soon as she got home she needed a miracle. Julie thought that the hour would never come, it was now time for her to leave.

The wind was blowing the snow around catching the tree branches. The leaves that had fallen the day before now danced in the K Mart parking lot like ripples on a calm lake. The frost on Julie's car windshield looked like crystals in a Norman Rockwell painting.

Her frostbitten fingers turned the key to her quaint home.

She slowly walked in, still aching from working a ten hour shift that day. There was a lot of work to be done for that night's Christmas dinner, but her body just wouldn't move. Many things started to race in her mind. How was she going to prepare dinner when the refrigerator was empty? Even if there was food there was no electricity to cook it with. Alas she started to cry. Voices of her children, Wendy and John, were echoing in her head: "Are we going to have a feast like in the movies?" "I can't wait until Santa comes with our presents" "I've been good all year, right Mommy?". The fact was that they were good all year. They were terrific kids, and the thought of their hearts being broken when they found out that their mom could not afford a real Christmas was more than she could bear.

Before she could think another thought, two bright young faces came bouncing in the doorway.

"Hi mom!" They both yelled as they dropped their school bags, then gave her a hug. John had a sad look on his face that usually meant that the boys at school were teasing him again.

"What's the matter John?" Julie asked in a soft voice.

"The boys at school wouldn't let me into their club." He said while staring at the floor.

"Oh, do you know why?" She said as she tried to sit up straight.

"They said because I was a baby" his voice started to crack now and his body began to quiver. "Mom"¦ is Santa real?" This question nearly knocked her right off the couch. She panicked for a good answer. By now Wendy had left the room to go play with her dolls. What could she tell him? He deserved to know the truth, yet why did he have to ask the day before Christmas? Quickly she stumbled out some words.

"Of course he's real. If he wasn't then why do you think we got this house all decorated with your drawings? He's just as real as the tooth fairy (which was true). Now you go to your room and get ready for the best Christmas dinner you ever had! I'll show you who's real." Filled with joy he ran to his room and slammed the door. Julie could hear him sing as he fumbled around for his good shirt and pants. Julie couldn't take it any more. She only had four more hours till dinner time. Quickly she started to think of a plan to make that evening special for her kids. She jumped up off the couch and headed towards the kitchen. All of a sudden she felt light headed and fell back down onto the couch. She didn't eat much that day, nor that much sleep the past week. Before she knew it she fell into a deep sleep.

She was walking in a movie studio. It was busy with everybody running around looking for their costumes, props, etc. They were filming "It's a Wonderful Life," one of Julie's favorite movies! Then the producer yelled "Action!". All was quiet on the set.

Everyone seemed to be looking at her. Without knowing it she started to recite her lines, perfectly! Before long she figured out that her character was Clarence, the angle that was trying to earn his wings. She knew that she was just dreaming, but it was still fun. She felt like she was really an angel, trying to earn her wings too. However, all this fun was too much for her, and she knew that she had to wake up soon.

"Wow! John look at this! Isn't it pretty?" Called out Wendy. Julie sat herself up on the couch. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Where the once dark dinning room now stood a shimmering chamber filled with mistletoe garlands and candle light from a small chandelier over the table. But it wasn't a table anymore. It was now a stand that had an elegant lace tablecloth on it. On this stand was a banquet fit for a monarch. There was turkey on a glass platter surrounded by mashed potatoes, green peas, bread and butter, cranberry sauce, gravy, and a chocolate pie for dessert. It was too good to be true.

"When can we start eating mom?" John asked with a big grin on his face.

"Soon. Just let me go change and then we can all sit down and eat." Julie was about to break down into tears. She was almost afraid to leave because it might all go away. As soon as she closed her bedroom door her knees weakened and she fell to the floor. She put her hands over her face and started to cry tears of joy.

"Thank you Lord" she started to prey to herself. "Thank you!" That night the humble family feasted until their hearts were content. Later when the kids went to sleep, Julie gazed at the moon outside her bedroom window.

She was thrilled when she saw a shooting star. The sound of bells rang though out the air. Julie had earned her wings.