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Robert hooke

ford, again paying his way as a chorist and as a servitor, and in 1662 he obtained his MA degree.In Royalist Oxford, pressured under Puritan rule, Hooke was fortunate to secure the sponsorship and gui ...

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History of Winston Churchill

es of both his parents. His name proves the richness of his historic background: Winston, after the Royalist family, who the Churchill's married before the English Civil War; Leonard, after his remark ...

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T. S. Eliot: Tradition and the individual talent

nd critic. He belongs to the New Critical Formalist literary theory, and is " classicist in nature, royalist in politics, and Anglo-Catholic in religion." (1089)"Objective Correlative": " The only way ...

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The English Civil War

rians had the support of the wealthy City merchants and the merchant class. On the king's side, the Royalists had by far the best cavalry and enthusiasm of all the gentry. The first battle between Par ... far the best cavalry and enthusiasm of all the gentry. The first battle between Parliament and the Royalists was at Edgehill. Both sides had about 14,000 men but the Royalist had way better cavalry. ...

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How far did the New Model Army contribute to the defeat of the royalists in 1645-46?

s essay I aim to find out how far the creation of a New Model Army contributed to the defeat of the Royalists. Firstly it is noticeable simply from the title question that there must have been other f ... ugh. The first proper use of the New Model Army was at the Battle of Naseby in June 1645, where the Royalist army was severely beaten. The battle was a disaster for the king. About 1,000 of his men ha ...

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The Jacobin News

rt your position. You may choose to support the Jacobins, Girondins, Constitutional Monarchists, or Royalist who support absolute monarchy.Citizens of FranceIn these times of great turmoil and chaos, ... France to its current predicament? Bankrupt, weak, and in turmoil, vulnerable to the world. Yet the royalists' wish to revive the monarchy that is not the actions of those who wish to help France. Suc ...

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The role played by John Pym ensured that Parliament was always likely to win the first Civil War of 1642

ce; the Solemn League and Covenant organised by Pym; the Scots sent 20,000 troops and June 1644 the Royalists had lost York, and therefore their influence in the North, this was thanks to Pym's organi ... to win the civil war.The quality and unity of the troops organised by Pym was also higher than the Royalists as the Royalists troops were worried about Catholicism as Charles signed the Cessation Tre ...

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