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social groups, which include six males, eight females, four juveniles, and four babies. They have a scent gland on their wrists and chest thus they can mark where they have been. The sportive l ... ot dry forests. There food supply consists mostly of leaves and insects. The sportive lemurs have a scent gland under their tail. This allows them to mark their routes. They are fantastic jumpers; the ...

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Organism Physiology of the Sugar Glider

aptation to this circumstance.Lastly, maybe the sugar glider's most physiological adaptation is its scent glands. The sugar gliders possess three scent glands, and each has distinct smells. The glands ... he glands are located on the forehead, chest, and anal cavity. The males use the chest and forehead scent glands as a way to identify his mates and mark his territory (Rogers, 2001). The limited terri ...

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