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Summary on NY Times Article titled, 'Fearing a Big Flood, Paris Moves Art'.

other valuable objects from underground storage rooms that would be expected to flood if the River Seine were to rise to or beyond the record level of twenty-eight feet.' The cause of flooding could ... to or beyond the record level of twenty-eight feet.' The cause of flooding could be from the River Seine or even just rising groundwater, and flooding of the drainage and sewer system.Most of the art ...

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10 Journal Entries in French, descriptions of a trip to France, written in French level 3

la Paix. C'était très bon ! Décembre 14 Jour 7 Nous sommes sorties et nous avons voyagées la Seine. Nous avons loué un bateau et écouté un guide de tourisme français. Puis, nous sommes all ...

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Claude Monet's Le Basin d'Argenteuil

in Providence, Rhode Island. The subject of this piece includes sailboats floating serenely on the Seine River in the Argenteuil Basin between a shrub-like foreground and a background of trees creati ... by the sharp, choppy brushstrokes Monet uses and the shimmering reflections of the sailboats on the Seine.The composition of Le Basin d\'Argenteuil is one of the techniques Monet used to make this pie ...

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Gladioli by Monet

en painting a scene that was outside. From 1871 to 1878 Monet lived at Argenteuil, a village on the Seine near Paris, here he painted some of the most joyous and famous works of the Impressionist move ... nt, including Gladioli. In 1878 he moved to Vetheuil and in 1883 he settled at Giverny, also on the Seine, but about 40 miles from Paris. Having experienced poverty, Monet began to be successful, in 1 ...

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"Pierre-Auguste Renoir's 'Luncheon of the Boating Party"

s that made riverside gatherings of this kind possible. The railroads crossed many points along the Seine, allowing leisurely visits from Paris to the suburbs and vice versa. It was through the use of ... d of Chatou to paint this piece depicting his friends and colleagues on the balcony overlooking the Seine at the Maison Fournaise.Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party, not only conveys the lax and j ...

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Santa Barbara Museum of Art Report (for Art Appreciation class)

which is French Gothic style) off to the right a bit in the distance flanked by two branches of the Seine River. The focus is more on the river scene which has a couple of stationed river boats which ...

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The Strategy of Louis Vuitton

is office, Carcelle, 54 invites a visitor to step on to the balcony and watch the sun rise over the Seine. "Isn't it beautiful?" he asks with a delighted grin (Business Week-online June 17, 2002) His ...

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Treatment of minorities in a single-party state. Case Study.

ises the Chateau Zhang Laffitte, a carbon-copy of the original 1650 Chateau Maisons-Laffitte on the Seine using the same white Chantilly stone. Hundreds of peasants were thrown off their land to allow ...

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Paris Is Amazing

onely. I began the day with coffee and croissants at a quaint little restaurant that overlooked the Seine River. The setting was perfect; I sat on the pavement taking in all the sights and wonders of ...

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Sailboats Over Siane

Sailboats on the Seine Claude Monet's vision of Sailboats on the Seine was accomplished during the impressionist genr ... ore. But this picture was different. This wasn't like the Rouen Cathedrals series. Sailboats on the Seine record the colors and forms of objects, as they appear in the natural light at the given time ...

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The Lottery

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