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War in Vietnam.

94, he was given a teaching post in the Cambridge. From an early age he developed a strong sense of social consciousness; at the same time he involved himself in the study of logical and mathematical ... roughout the world. He achieved much in the field of mathematics along with his continue search for socialist philosophy. Russell taught at several different institutes such as, Trinity College during ...

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United Colors of Controversy: Shock Value in Benetton Advertising.

nsumers in order to sell a product. Over decades, advertisements have evolved to a greater focus on social institutions rather then the product itself. Nonetheless, the Benetton retailer distinguishes ... n its latest campaign - death row inmates. Although the Benetton Corporation claims to be promoting social consciousness, its practices evidence profit motivation and extreme consumer manipulation.Per ...

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This is a term paper that describes how hip-hop came about, and goes through the 30 years of its history.

was organized of collective DJ's, Break Dancers, and Graffiti Artist. Their intension was to bring social consciousness to Hip-Hop.This be-bopping mix of beats and scratching of records was created i ...

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Brett Whitely: a brief frames analysis

l protests to being focussed on the not-so-quiet intimacies of his private life. "Politics, travel, social consciousness, self-analysis, philosophical speculation and youth took second place to one ov ... by Francis Bacon.Towards the end of his career he moved to painting more still lifes, the more anti-social he became, the more interested he was in inanimate, inhuman objects.His paintings often verge ...

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The Realism of Authur Miller

Author Millers dramatic plays inflect a social realism as the personal or general character of an individual relates to society, a social co ... haracter of an individual relates to society, a social consciousness.Author Millers plays reflect a social realism in the way the individual relates to society. The methods he uses in experimentation ... ual relates to society. The methods he uses in experimentation result it a social consciousness and social responsibility. The social reality of the individual consciousness and the consequences as in ...

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South African Artists: Paul Stopforth. An essay I wrote for my final year at school - unfortunately pictures are not included.

ed there for three years until 1967. His artistic personality was shaped during a period of growing social consciousness in South African art. But whereas his senior colleagues' references to local ci ...

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Social Realism.

Social Realism.Social Realism is a trend that originated around the 1930's in the West. It developed ... ed on a new scale, contrasting with the display of wealth of the upper classes. With a new sense of social consciousness, the Social Realists pledged to "fight the beautiful art" - any style which app ... ple, particularly the poor. They recorded what they saw ("as it existed") in a dispassionate manner.Social Realism is a type of realism that is more overtly political in content. It is critical of soc ...

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the culture that it embarks. We as individuals in this society, create shape and mould personal and social consciousness and identity, from this bounded cultural space. A symbiotic connection - We sha ... cting reality that a people acquires as a consequence of living in a group " which for us means the social construct of the society we live in.The shape, size and structure of a culture can vary. A cu ...

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'Of Mice and Men" - Lennie

nia where he spent most of his life (Coles notes). He received critical attention for writing about social consciousness (Coles notes). Of Mice and Men is a novel that reveals social problems. At the ...

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Starbucks: Ethics and Compliance

ial ratios.Assessing the Role of Ethics and ComplianceThere is a "balance between profitability and social consciousness; companies that are authentic and ethical will do better in the long run than c ...

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Corporate Goal

firms in the marketplace and in the “court of public opinion” for the company's perceived social performance. Students on college campuses boycott Nike for its third world labor practices an ... college campuses boycott Nike for its third world labor practices and reward The Body Shop for its social consciousness and environmental commitment. Marketers who understand the role of internal (e. ...

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Music in politics

Topic: To what extent can music be effective in addressing social & political issues?Since the existence of civilizations, the music has been an indi ... tertain people but also has a power that has effects on people and on the societies in political or social. The music can either bring people together for any purpose like charity or encourage people ... nment. As the music has a power to create a mass, it can enable the people coming together to solve social and political issues. Although, the music may not solve these issues completely, it can tell ...

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