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This essay sets out to portray a specific example of contemporary popular culture. One example that along with numerous others sets and forms the boundaries of our surrounding society and the culture that it embarks. We as individuals in this society, create shape and mould personal and social consciousness and identity, from this bounded cultural space. A symbiotic connection - We shape culture and it shapes us. Result - Reality.

This is why the importance of studying culture is widely acknowledged, and the study itself has developed into a serious, complex and diverse study, embraced all over the world.

Culture is the labelling of what sets us apart as human beings. Understood by anthropologists culture is " the systematic way of constructing reality that a people acquires as a consequence of living in a group " which for us means the social construct of the society we live in.

The shape, size and structure of a culture can vary.

A cultural group can be a widely scattered small number of people, who shares a common set of norms and values, or it can be a nation - even our world can be looked upon as a consumer driven, capitalist culture.

Broken down, culture cannot exist on it's own. It relies on the interaction between a sender and a receiver. It is in this interaction - the encoding and decoding of a particular message, followed by the creation of meaning that culture comes into existents; constantly changing as it emerges and disappears into reality.

The meaning making can take place as it has done from the dawn of man kind, through conversation, singing, dancing etc. But as time has changed, the ways that we interact with each other has changed along its side. From the industrialisation and onwards, new technologies have...