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History of American Music

Fashion Valley 5:30-9:30

Professor: John Scholte

Mass Technology and Popular Taste: The Tin Pan Alley Era

Tin Pan Alley was stated so that to remind people about the United State's history as witnessed by its composers. There are a lot of incredible varieties of materials which are documented in a great number of songs which they tend to do (Garofalo, 2008). Indeed, they seem to mirror each aspect of the life of Americans from the introduction of Tin Pan Alley in the 1890's till the current age of digital technology. It is possible to record the changing taste of music in Americans along with their economic, social, and political concern by the kind of pop music which people tend to buy, listen and play from the tear jerker generations to the most popular rock songs.

During the time before thanks to Elvis Presley the performance of the song was made more significant than the publication itself, the popularity of the song was determined by the quantity of copies of albums but not the records it sold.

However, the name Tin Pan Alley was awarded to the business of publishing houses which tend to higher lyricists and composers on a permanently so that to create songs that would become popular (Garofalo, 2008). The publisher prefers to use extensive promotion campaign so that to introduce the songs to the people in a form of sheet music that has attractive covers. Initially, Tin Pan Alley was a kind of nickname that belonged to the actual street (it is between the 6th Avenue and the Broadway 28th street west) in Manhattan where there are many offices of the popular fledgling music publishers. By time, regardless of their geographic locations, it became a general term regarding publishers of...