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Analysis of William Stafford's poem "Traveling Through The Dark"

"Traveling Through the Dark" by: William Stafford<The speaker in the poem must reflect on what to do about the dead does, he knows that in ... seems to bring is of the age-old conflict tween nature & technology. This becomes apparent when Stafford brings in the part about the car. The reader understands that the car symbolizes man's worl ...

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Organizational Blogs and the Human Voice: Relational Strategies and Relational Outcomes.

cs of communication that otherwise might not be associated with traditional corporate communication.Stafford and Canary's (1991) classification of relational maintenance strategies provides a theoreti ...

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Flags Of Our Fathers

ried, or even if they would live to make it back home. One morning in the summer of 1967, Al Stafford a navy pilot awoke and went about doing things just like any other day. On this day he was ... flying A-4's and the target of this day's alpha strike was a bridge a few miles south of Haiphong. Stafford was not assigned to any of the planes flying this strike, instead he was on stand-by. While ...

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William Stafford

Destruction of the Environment William Stafford was an American short story writer and poet during mid to late 1900's. In his poetry he dis ... ronment, as an act characterized by humans to stockpile other humans while everything else suffers. Stafford suggests that human carelessness is an example, verified by his poem "Traveling Through the ... d El Nino's drought, which killed many animals.Considering the Discovering Poetry article, "William Stafford", Stafford's concern for the environment was apparent when he was living in Kansas, and wor ...

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A Comparison of "Traveling Through the Dark" and "The Black Snake"

speaker wants to be respectful of the deer. The speaker is about to "roll them into the canyon" (3, Stafford), when he realizes that the deer is pregnant. This causes the speaker to rethink the import ... ark. The speaker has very mixed feelings about what he should do as "the wilderness listen(s)" (16, Stafford) for his final decision. The deer is rolled "into the canyon" (3, Stafford) after all becau ...

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Bicultural Education Describe the historical development of one issue of concern to Maori and critically examine the events, attitudes and beliefs that relate to this issue. Discuss the significance for bicultural practice in early childhood education.

ine in the culture and the loss of language as an important part.According to Grace (1901, cited in Stafford and Williams, 2007) the State assumed that the Maori was a dying race, that it would become ... ional society but in the one…busily being manufactured in the colony" (Grace, 1901, cited in Stafford and Williams, 2007, p.110). The Native Schools Act in 1867 reinforced this by declaring "En ...

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Travelling Through the Dark- Poetry Analysis Paper

symbol for the unknown, the feared. It also symbolizes evil, confusion, and uncertainty. In William Stafford's poem "Traveling Through the Dark," the poem's narrator finds himself in a dilemma, which ... save a human life, rather than a fawn that may not have had much hope of surviving on its own (18).Stafford's central idea in the poem revolves around the decision the narrator makes to sacrifice the ...

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