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To what extent do film genres change over time? Compare Two examples from different decades, of any media genre of your choice.

to give the audience something new to get from it. The comparison will be made between John Fords "Stagecoach" which was made in 1939 and his later film "The Searchers" which was made in 1956, and th ... 56, and the aim is to show how the two texts differ and how "The Searchers" is more developed than "Stagecoach." There is a major difference in themes and character roles between these two films; this ...

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"When People Believe the Legend, Print the Legend"

The Significance of the Frontier in American History" in opposition with three films, "High Noon," "Stagecoach," and "the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.")The mystique of the frontier still exists, as d ... ion to three films that mythologized the characters of the West. The films presented are High Noon, Stagecoach, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. And to further prove how entertainment distorted t ...

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The American West / Uses movies High Noon, Stage Coach, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance to discuss the 'myth' of the American West and where the 'myth' comes from

ticular, in my point of view, correlates quiet well to the following movies and reading: High Noon, Stagecoach, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance". Turner says, " ... kely in the realities of Turner's essay. Another movie that creates the "myth" quite well is Stagecoach. As in the previous film, Stagecoach also has its hero. But on the contrary, the hero in ...

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The Classic Western Genre through the eyes of John Ford's "The Searchers".

ime, I have watched two movies directed by John Ford, and I have seen them both in the past 4 days, Stagecoach, and The Searchers. From what I have gathered from the two films, John Ford utilizes the ...

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Compare "Unforgiven" With The Earlier Westerns

often tackles and argues some of the issues which surround classic "˜The Searchers' and "˜Stagecoach', two classic westerns. Unlike most typical locations for westerns, Unforgiven set ... most typical locations for westerns, Unforgiven setting features fertile green lands whilst "˜Stagecoach' and "˜Searchers' is set in monument valley which looks barren and desert like. It d ...

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What Ways Do Genre Change Over Time

representation of ethnicity and cultural portrayed in Westerns. The early Westerns such as "˜Stagecoach', filmed in 1939, portrayed the native Americans as enemies to the town's people. It is a ... oyed a female protagonist.A clear example of the evolution of technology is also present in "˜Stagecoach'. Filmed in black and white the technology options where limited to the filmmakers. The f ...

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Western Film Genre

e presented in Katherine Lawrie's essay "Cookie-Cutter or Connoisseur? Genre Theory and John Ford's Stagecoach" (Lawrie). The first is that of Robert Warshow who believes that the focus of any w ... ing films, which justifies the existence of the genre. Two unarguable members of the western genre, Stagecoach and Shane, contain relationships and interactions that Warshow would seem to consider "no ...

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John wayne

ce his career. In 1939 John Ford gave Wayne another break by casting him as the Ringo Kid in Stagecoach. The roll threw Wayne into the top ranks of the movie stars and finally, in the 1940's, h ...

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Movie Essay

1. Ford's "StageCoach" influenced Welles' "Citizen Kane" in many ways. Ford was not one to be shy or scared to ...

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In the movie, Stagecoach, the group of travelers in the coach is representative of the many different classes that ...

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Mark Twain Bio

g it rich in Nevada's silver rush, Sam traveled across the open frontier from Missouri to Nevada by stagecoach. On his journey he ran into many unique people, mishaps, and disappointments. These event ...

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Tools used in the Contemporary World to Accomplish Better Global Communication

ed overland using caravans, ships,horseback, or on foot. Transportation changed everything: trains, stagecoach, overland express,ship. The Age of the telegraph, radio, and television leads to rapid co ...

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Film Genre

use of and narrative and film structure from the time of classic Westerns, focusing on John Ford's Stagecoach (1939) to later revisionist Western - Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man (1995).The Western in many ... stic journey from the East to the West by its characters in search of civilization in isolation. In Stagecoach, a story of redemption, the characters within the narrative do just this, travel from Ton ...

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