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Ethnic and Linguistic Canada

British or French. This figure represented a 25-percent increase over that of five years earlier. (Statistics Canada) "In 1991, the groups designated as visible minorities represented 9.4 percent of ... cent in 1986. Chinese, South Asian and Black comprised the three largest visible minority groups." (Statistics Canada)Several trends can be seen from recent census figures. One is that Canada is becom ...

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What is the future of the family in Canada?

What is the Future of the Family in Canada?The Canadian family is at a point where it is being challenged. Serious changes have occurred ... it is unlikely they will get divorced. It is possible that this is just a 'stage' that families in Canada are going through.Canadian families are being put to a great challenge in todays world. Serio ...

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CANADIAN UNIVERSITIES. Student Day of Action. Issues in Feb 2002. Focused on Halifax

uate students across Canada is much higher, on average in the 14 percent range. Recent figures form Statistics Canada show that government funding to universities - federal, provincial and municipal g ... ulation, access to higher education has been severely compromised and student debt has skyrocketed. Statistics and studies repeatedly reveal that students from low-income backgrounds are disappearing ...

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This essay was originally meant to promote the death penalty.

"The abolition of the death penalty in Canada in 1976 has not led to increased homicide rates. Statistics Canada reports that the number of homicides in Canada in 2001 (554) was 23% lower than th ... tes in the U.S., which uses the death penalty. For example, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, the homicide rate in the U.S. in 1999 was 5.7 per 100,000 population and the rate in Can ...

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Family Life is Good for You.

ples increased just 3%, to 6.4 million from 6.2 million, over the same period.The figures come from Statistics: Canada's General Social Survey, which collected information on relationship ties, marita ... ian situation mirrors England's situation. On Nov. 26, 2001, the Telegraph revealed that government statistics show that the number of cohabiting couples in England and Wales has reached more than 1.5 ...

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The Effect of Changing Distance From Toronto's Central Business District on Parking Prices

y densely populated, with a population of 670,000 people in an area of under 100 square kilometers (Statistics Canada). This population density of over 7000 people per square kilometer will in turn af ... ver 7000 people per square kilometer will in turn affect demand for housing, services, and parking (Statistics Canada). A fundamental concept of economics is that as demand for a good or service incre ...

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Canada's Demographic Future, Is Immigration The Key?

mographics which are really driven more and more by immigration."-Dough Norris, director general of Statistics Canada.For the first time in history, Canada is facing a population decline beginning in ... needs.To keep the population of Canada stable, a major influx of immigration is required each year. Statistics show that Canada's fertility rate is extremely low, at 1.5 children per family. In order ...

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Issue of Gun Control

Violence levels in Canada are on a rise. Statistics Canada reports that approximately 60% of violent crimes are committed using guns, up from ...

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Defining family

determine the definition, not the society's, the individual's or the family's needs and objectives. Statistics Canada's (1996) definition of the census familyis the principal foundation on which the s ... s familyis the principal foundation on which the statistical profiles have been built. According to Statistics Canada, a Census Family refers to a now-married couple (with or without never-married son ...

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Changes is sex, marriage and children

nce of premarital sex and cohabitation before marriage has caused the age of marriage to increase. (Statistics Canada, n.d). As these social barriers have dissolved over the years, the sustaining forc ... e, at any given time, in the number of people who have never wed, and that is also reflected in the statistics. In the last decade of the twentieth century, the number of Canadian couples decreased by ...

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Origin of Hockey

hing comes into existence." In other words, it is the start or the beginning of something. In 1998, Statistics Canada ranked hockey as the second most popular sport among Canada for all ages; however, ...

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How to lower Poverty and Income inequality

before proposing an economic solution for this problem let me identify what poverty is. "Poverty is statistics Canada's low-income cut-offs (LICOs) represents the level at which people spend so great ... der poverty. In Ontario alone about 14% of the population is under poverty. In order to reduce this statistics the barriers that need to be removed are taxes if income taxes are kept at a moderate lev ...

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Canada and Brain Drain

represented by the exodus of better-educated, high-income earners and people of prime working age (Statistics Canada). However, Canada is one of the few nations today that is perceived as one of the ... nowledge-based industries has also steadily increased right through the 80's and into the late 90's.Statistics also show that there is a strong positive correlation between intent to work and realizat ...

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ing from substance abuse to chronic internet use, it's posed as a serious concern to the community. Statistics Canada shows that the total cost of substance abuse was $40 Billion, based on the 2002 ce ... reakdown of 23% being low-risk drinkers & 17% being considered high risk drinkers, according to Statistics Canada (2002) Chart 2. Excessive internet use has just recently been posed as a problem w ...

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Importants Of HRM Functions

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Homelessness for Female-Headed Homes

wer, which amplifies women's risk of being reduced to homelessness (Bassuk, 1995:238). According to Statistics Canada (2003), women who were employed fulltime in Winnipeg in 2001 earned 72.5 cents and ... of the expenses, household tasks and obligations connected to childcare (Baker, 1994:477). In 2002, Statistics Canada established that the most significant issue in the wage disparity is the presence ...

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Diabetes Testing

with SPSS Version 12.0 software (SPSS Inc, Chicago, Ill) and with a bootstrap algorithm designed by Statistics Canada.ResultsComorbidities had the largest impact on HRQL, with stroke (-0.11; 95% confi ...

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The Importance of Exercise as Preventative Medicine & Treatment for Depression Among Older Adults

Canadians currently have a life expectancy of close to 80 years (Statistics Canada, 2006). This increased lifespan, along with a declining birth rate, has meant that ... to 64 and 65 to 74 report that they are satisfied with their life and that they are in good health (Statistics Canada, 2006). However, for other seniors the challenges that come with aging can be debi ... sion show that older people have the clinical disorder less than other age groups. Current national statistics record the rate of depression among men and women over age 65 years living in the communi ...

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Labour Force Survey

rs and those who are voluntarily unemployed, are not calculated into the labour force. Labour force statistics are important measures of a country's economic potential. The larger the percentage of th ... pation rate.In Canada the Labour Force Survey, or LFS, is conducted by the government agency called Statistics Canada. Data is collected each month during what is called the LFS reference week, beginn ...

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Canadian Identity in David French's "Mercer Plays"

ulture is held to be the mirror that reflects the lives, histories, and identities of Canadians.” (Statistics Canada)Over the course of our country’s existence there has been an ongoing debate of wh ... Ottawa. 1988.Resnick, Philip. The European Roots of Canadian Identity. Broadview Press Ltd.. 2005Statistics Canada. 1995

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