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"Truth Naked"

Truth Naked stars a professional married couple, Tom and Susana Ever. Their mission is to enlighten and energize the human spirit through creation and perfor ... an expression of cultural diversity and try to make it a universal experience.The lights go on and Susana is sitting on Tom. The music is soothing and soft. He does a complete circle by pushing himse ... lively and up beat. Hearing this made me think of day time. The scenes starts out with Tom watching Susana do different dance steps and he begins to critique her dance movements. When he is not lookin ...

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Living My Life: A Perspective on Suicide in Connection with Susana Kaysen's Book, "Girl, Interrupted"

ions on which I have contemplated suicide without knowing why it was I wanted to die. While reading Susana Kaysen's book, Girl, Interrupted, I was able to personally relate to Kaysen's thoughts and fe ... thing to do; our friendship was ultimately destroyed after all. Works citedKaysen, Susana. Girl, Interrupted. New York: Turtle Bay Books. 1993.

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Character's Motivation in Pedro Paramo: Focus on Susana San Juan.

Comala, the desire of eternal rest, a way to Heaven, is a struggle shared by almost all, except for Susana San Juan. Susana's true motivation is to be the manager of her own happiness, the ruler of he ... appiness, the ruler of herself, in a society in which women had no sovereignty over their own lives.Susana's first battle for independence is fought against her father, Bartolomé San Juan. We f ...

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"Girl Inturrupted"- Short Resume

t a memorable age. This movie depicts a darker side of the hippie-filled era where our protagonist, Susana (Wynona Rider), is committed to a mental ward. The story starts with Susana on a chair smokin ... institute. The ward itself is painted white, making it seem less of a prison and more like a home. Susana is welcomed with open arms by her nurse, played by Whoopi Goldberg, who treats her justly and ...

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William Shakespeare

n he was eighteen years old he married twenty-six year old Anne Hathaway. They had a daughter named Susana, and twins named Hamnet and Judith. It is rumored that shortly after the twins were born, Sha ...

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