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'Girl Interrupted' is a film set in the 60`s where, sex, drugs and big glasses are in.

Hippies embodied this era, making it a memorable age. This movie depicts a darker side of the hippie-filled era where our protagonist, Susana (Wynona Rider), is committed to a mental ward. The story starts with Susana on a chair smoking a cigarette, as she does through most of the film, conversing with a psychologist about her attempt to commit suicide by swallowing a bottle of aspirins and then ingesting a bottle of vodka. She then commits herself into the mental institute. The ward itself is painted white, making it seem less of a prison and more like a home. Susana is welcomed with open arms by her nurse, played by Whoopi Goldberg, who treats her justly and shows compassion when need be. Susana is diagnosed with a borderline personality and finds herself interacting with the many personalities in the mental institute, some of which include Lisa, a foul-mouthed deranged lunatic who only thinks of herself, who is portrayed by Angelina Jolie.

Lucy is an interesting character, ranging from a lunatic to an almost human personality. She tries to escape the mental ward a couple of times, but she still manages to get caught, making her character seem more attached to the ward than anything else. Near the end of the movie Lucy is transformed from a cold-hearted witch to a mental patient like no other. She too has feelings; however, she does not like to show them. Other patients include a pathological liar who only lies to people who keep her in the mental institute, and a scarred woman who is nice and timid but is scarred for life with burn marks an her face. Susana and the gang provide the movie...