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State Vs. Church! What side are you on? Do you want your teacher to lead you into prayer every morning?

d discussion that the subject of prayer in school. After all, public schools are supported with all taxpayer's money. What believer would want his taxes to support an institution that prohibits his ch ...

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Should Social Security be Privatized?

cial Security system really works. There are no separate Social Security 'accounts' set up for each taxpayer to which he contributes his Social Security 'tax' each year. Many people believe these acco ... ed out. By 2030 Chile's Social security will entirely be privatized.This system ensures the money a taxpayer pays for retirement goes to helping that taxpayer retire (not others). It ensures the money ...

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"The Shrinking Welfare State: The New Welfare Legislative and Families", by D. Stanley Eitzen and Maxine Baca Zinn.

rk and are comfortable staying home and collecting a "paycheck" from our government. As an employed taxpayer, I am disgusted that I pay for someone to stay home because they do not feel like working. ...

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Speech on discrimination against released prisoners

ff any minute. That they are those who ruin their own lives and depend on legal aid, eat out of the taxpayer's hard-earned money when they can easily choose to get up and find themselves a job. That r ...

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Aid to Dependent Corporations (Univ. of Phoenix - SOC 101)

e helped me to understand how the rich continue to get richer, all at the cost of the United States taxpayer. Chuck Collins brings out many instances of corporate wealthfare in his article. For ... on would need such discounts, if any at all, from the federal government. It seems ridiculous U. S. taxpayers should subsidize, in any way, a large corporation that is making billions of dollars. ...

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12 Senators That Changed Texas

's brought before them. The income they receive for their duty to the state comes directly from the taxpayer's within the state. In The Miracle of the Killer Bees: 12 Senators Who Changed Texas Politi ... on. The Five Million dollars appears incredibly large when alone, however, after divided by all the taxpayers in Texas comes to be greatly minute. In 1980 the Texas population stood at 14,229,191 acco ...

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Book review of The Cheating of America by Charles Lewis and Bill Allison

ny or individual for their "unfair" tax planning, notwithstanding that the U.S. Tax Court found the taxpayer wholly innocent of what can only be characterized as trumped-up charges brought by the IRS, ... e characterized as trumped-up charges brought by the IRS, the authors' assertion that "upper-income taxpayers do not pay their fair share" depends upon how one defines "fair share." In their book, Lew ...

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A Solution to childhood obesity in Australia - Oral presentation

ordination.Obesity is a killer, not only causing serious long term medial problems, but costing the taxpayer over a billion dollars each year. Something must be done. If we don't act on this problem N ...

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Deduction for Sale and Lease back( taxation law: case study)

Therefore, the lease is ineffective to confer any right in respect of the factory and plant on the taxpayer. Accordingly, payments made by company X to Y cannot be characterized as payments made unde ... carry out a scheme, within the meaning of Pt IVA, for the dominant purpose of enabling the relevant taxpayer to obtain a tax benefit where that dominant purpose is consistent with the pursuit of comme ...

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The "War on Drugs" in the United States, is a waste of time and a waste of taxpayer's money. Taxpayers in the United States are paying billions of more money on the war on dru ...

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Federal Prison Industries/UNICOR

a corporation owned by the Federal Government that is entirely self-sustaining and doesn't cost the taxpayer a single cent to operate. This corporation generates thousands of private sector jobs, teac ... a corporation owned by the Federal Government that is entirely self-sustaining and doesn't cost the taxpayer a single cent to operate. This corporation generates thousands of private sector jobs, teac ...

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Tax equity and efficiency in context of public finance.

ance costs of taxes. Tax efficiency is concerned with the convenience and certainty of a tax to the taxpayer, and with the cost of collection and compliance to the taxing unit. An efficient tax system ... tion and compliance to the taxing unit. An efficient tax system would not impose excess cost to the taxpayer in the payment of the tax and would be collected and enforced at the lowest possible costs. ...

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Case Note on Fletcher v FCT (1991) 22 ATR 613:

The facts of this case were that the taxpayer (and three others in partnership) entered a complex scheme, which involved the partnership, ... le income of $170,000 and claimed deductions of $360,000.The issue before the court was whether the taxpayers were entitled to a deduction for interest. A lot of matters were argued before the case re ... der s 51(1) to the extent that it exceeded the partnership income.Their Honours indicated that if a taxpayer's costs in deriving income were less than the actual income, the deductions would be allowa ...

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Case Note on City Link Melbourne Ltd v Federal Commissioner of Taxation (2004) 57 ATR 316

The facts of the case were that the taxpayer (formally called Transurban) entered into an agreement with the Victorian Government for th ... Transurban) entered into an agreement with the Victorian Government for the City link project. The taxpayer was required to pay the "concession fees" to the Victorian Government in return for the rig ... ment in return for the right to build and operate toll roads. The Concession Deed provided that the taxpayer with the option of paying the concession fees by the issue of concession notes with the fac ...

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(Satirical Essay)The Real Problem with Illicit Drugs

each year is spent on the ending eradication of illegal drugs, which is a lot of cash taken out of taxpayer's pockets. If drugs were to be legalized, that would be 40-60 billion dollars more for the ...

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Bill & Ben Reticulation Pty Ltd vs Port Cricket Club - Income to be regarded as taxable or capital nature??

ticipated profits as a result of cancellation of a distribution contract was held to be income. The taxpayer was in the rutile mining business and entered a number of long-term supply contracts when t ... was high. The price of rutile collapsed and as a result the buyers cancelled the contracts and paid taxpayer significant compensation. The market for rutile was so depressed that the taxpayer ceased o ...

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Auditing and Appeals Paper

ans are chosen randomly by the IRS in an effort to ensure honesty, by submitting to an audit. Every taxpayer who is selected for an audit is given a copy of Publication 1. There are two parts to Publi ... privacy, to confidentiality, to courteous service, and many other rights as guaranteed by law as a taxpayer. Part two outlines the processes for the examination, for an appeal, collection, and the re ...

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Tax Strategy

y valid or appropriate for your situation. There are general tax strategies that could apply to any taxpayer, as well as strategies designed for specialized groups of taxpayers, including self-employe ... by-case basis, how Congress intended the tax laws to be applied"� (Nolo Press, Online ). Any taxpayer or the IRS, unhappy with a court's tax decision, can appeal to a Circuit Court of Appeals, ...

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Guardian Security Services

ory is that Guardian Security Services is totally in the wrong. They should not even be wasting the taxpayer's money or the court systems time. After reading the article it is plain to see that Guardi ...

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