(Satirical Essay)The Real Problem with Illicit Drugs

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The actual problem with banned drugs is that they are way too expensive, not to mention they are so tricky to obtain that drug addicts must to commit crimes in order to supply their lifestyle. If only it was possible for citizens to stroll down to the nearest Mickey D's and purchase a magical mushroom burger, some fries with extra crack and don't forget the meth shake. People would not have to knock over a crotchety old lady and snatch her purse, or brake into a nice home and take everything in it. This happens every day for these poor drug addicts to buy what they need. If drugs were cheaper, as well as legal, the amount of crimes would greatly diminish, and everyone being high as a kite would be generally happier.

Close to forty to sixty billion dollars each year is spent on the ending eradication of illegal drugs, which is a lot of cash taken out of taxpayer's pockets.

If drugs were to be legalized, that would be 40-60 billion dollars more for the country, plus all the revenue made from the buying and selling of the drugs themselves. When you think about it 65 billion is an extreme amount of cash, it could afford proper housing and feed an entire third world country. How can we let people even children in third world countries die of starvation every day when all the money they need is being spent on the prevention of people getting high.

Drugs are almost a luxury that we should be embracing not fighting; it may even be the cure for world wide war. If every terrorist, every mugger, every murderer, or any greedy world leader had one giant blunt from time to time, the world would be a much better...