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Can a person raised as a Christian learn to live the path taught by Buddha? A Christain can maintain their religion and still learn Buddha's Philosophy.

hat?" with emphasis that borderlines on blasphemy or sacrilege. Though the basic tenets of Buddha's teachings are straightforward and practical: nothing is permanent; all actions have consequences; ch ... round including culture, religion or gender.Christians often have many misconceptions regarding the teachings of Buddha. In comparing the two beliefs, I have found that many of these concepts are comm ...

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Buddhism vs Catholicism. Describe the roles of Lama and Priests within their religions. Compare and contrast. Compare and contrast Buddhist and Catholic nuns.

both able to forgive people's sins. Part of their role within the church is to spread the word and teachings of Buddha and Jesus. A Priest and Lama's understanding of God/Buddha helps them to give ad ...

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Visitng the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple.

nd Ching, founded by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. Hsi Lai means "coming to the west" and denotes the teachings of Buddha to those in the west. The organization's headquarters is in Taiwan, but Internat ...

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The teachings of Buddha are slightly different from those of other religions. Ultimately, it is focused ... ruction of living objects is slightly difficult for me to understand.Since followers of Buddhist teachings do not believe in harming others, the suffering is not only mutual among the believers but ... f these concepts flow together as if they are part of a list or so-called path of how to follow the teachings of Buddha. Just as Buddha had explained, the diagram of the wheel with spokes gives the f ...

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This is my response to the video, Tibet: The End of Time, that I viewed as part of my art history class.

        The religion celebrated by Tibetans is Buddhism, a religion founded upon the teachings of Buddha Sakayamuni (ca. 560-480 BCE), which aimed to reduce suffering, and to ultimately ...

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Zen Gardening

uddhist, Chan, or Zen, is an important philosophy. Zen is a term used for a school that teaches the teachings of Buddha and how they are active in the natural world. Buddhism was in China before the Z ... seeing the world for what it is. Zen took off after Bodhidharma's ideas were spread.Schools of Zen teachings were a mix of the Daoism philosophy and Mahayana. These were very strict schools that insi ...

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World Religions: Buddhism

m and Hinduism is that in the late one there is an strict lifelong caste classification system. The teachings of Buddha rejected the caste social class classification. In Buddhism everybody is permitt ... icle".Mahayana Buddhism was the result of a rupture from Buddhism that would tried to transform the teachings of Buddha to find ways to obtain larger amount of people. Mahayana Buddhism produced many ...

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Describe and comment on the philosophy of Buddhism

nature of life; a path which eventually ends in enlightenment or Buddha hood. Buddhism includes the teachings of Buddha, and wants to end suffering that is caused by desire. It is taught that sufferin ...

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say about Buddha. I will also show how the values of the Indian civilization were influenced by the teachings of Buddha.Prince Siddhartha Gautama, who would later be known as Buddha, was born in Sakay ... He wanted to know why they were suffering and how this suffering could stop. So Buddha studied the teachings of Hinduism. He was very fascinated by the belief of reincarnation. "This was the belief o ...

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Fundamental Beliefs of Buddhism and Characteristics of a Believer of this Faith.

collectively as the Three Jewels. The word Buddha means 'The Awakened One'. The Dharma the are the teachings of Buddha on the way to live life and the Sangha represents the community (of monks and ot ... Dharma and the Sangha."A saying in which, Buddhists acknowledge that they give themselves up to the teachings and community inspired by the Buddha.Meditation: The conviction that happiness and good fo ...

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Buddhist Traditions

y ways, a commonality among these ways is a drawing from the life experiences of the Buddha and his teachings. The "spirit" or "essence" of his teachings also referred to as dhamma or dharma, serve as ... eachings also referred to as dhamma or dharma, serve as models for the religious life. Some of the teachings of enlightenment that have been an influence of the disciples of Buddha are in regard to h ...

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Buddha's contributions to the world of philosophy

. His monks were very loyal, and after the Buddha's death they thrived to conserve and maintain his teachings and made accounts of his life and his death and his general lifestyle. Each monk was given ... uld be easily remembered as compared to complex theories and myths (Karen 2001).After the monks the teachings of Buddha have been preached and told over geographical areas, but at that time they were ...

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Buddhism Essay

Buddhism EssayOne of the Buddha's most significant teachings is that everyone is different, and hence each individual's path to enlightenment is unique ... e important within Buddhism with different branches and schools giving varying emphasis to the many teachings of Buddha and his close followers, while some believe in Bodhisattvas, from whom they take ... ve in shaping their individual effort to achieve enlightenment. Throughout this essay, the Buddha's teachings on belief and enlightenment, how the four Noble Truths and Buddhist practices relate to be ...

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