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Review of the movie the breakfast club. Talks about main message and filmography. Contains specific examples

The Breakfast ClubFilm ReviewThe Breakfast Club is a movie made in the 80's about 5 very different teenagers who are forced to spend the day in detention. At first, they appear to be judgmental of th ... ecause it has a universal theme that everyone has experienced at some point. It is not an everyday "teen movie" but a cleverly put together dramatic comedy. The message is best put in the words of Bri ...

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Movies are a huge influence on teenagers these days. Movies exposes them to different lifestyles and different ideas. Since movies ... o tell stories about life, they should be realistic, graceful and ethical. However, the majority of teen movies mostly concentrate on what is selling and what is profitable. Many actors are obviously ... Many actors are obviously in the movie industry for the money and the fame. Most importantly, most teen movies do not portray any of society's morals and values. The majority of teen movies lack dept ...

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Switchblade Sisters

black nationalists--even The Man. The Dagger Debs are a gang of knife wielding bad girls faced with teenage angst and repression by the male dominant culture. In the opening sequence Lace, the mercile ... the fifties, authority is misplaced and youth culture seems to have the upper hand. Like a typical teen film, most of its scenes take place in their high school, or at their hangout diner or warehous ...

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Taming of The Shrew and 10 Things I Hate about you Comparison Essay

hakespeare's text 'Taming of the Shrew' introducing film medium and visual techniques to create the teen film '10 things I hate about you'. The clever appropriation utilises both similarities and diff ... s of the 21st century have supposed equity in social authority. Throughout the film, Junger shows a teen culture which deals with demand for equity and acceptance, for example Kat's feminist beliefs. ...

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The history of teen film

Which film is the first representative work of teen films is always controversial. Most people consider the film <rebel without a cause> as t ... ways controversial. Most people consider the film <rebel without a cause> as the beginning of teen films. But there were still some films related to teenagers appeared before this one, like < ... board jungle> and so on. However, Doherty(2002:2) claimed 1995 is the concrete birthdate of 'the teenpic'. And his choice is specifically tied to the landmark American film that year which is <R ...

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