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The Breakfast Club

Film Review

The Breakfast Club is a movie made in the 80's about 5 very different teenagers who are forced to spend the day in detention. At first, they appear to be judgmental of the others but by the end they learn to respect one another because they aren't so different after all. This movie is still very applicable and popular. The movie is so well received because of the characters, the message and cinematography.

The film is an exaggeration of real life. In real life, high schools are divided into groups of people based on their appearance, interests and how they were brought up. The reason for this is people stick with others that are similar to them. In the film, each major "group" was represented by a student. There was the princess, the jock, the brain, the rebel, and the outcast.

The main message in the movie is that despite all our outer differences, we are all going through the same type of problems.

Even more, the theme is that we have to accept the differences because inside we are all alike.

The theme is revealed by depicting the fears, hopes and goals each character has. Andrew Clark is the popular jock who is always trying to please other people. He isn't happy with the type of person he is because he is the person everyone wants him to be. This creates a lot of internal anger which emerges often throughout the movie. He is scared to disappoint his father, coach and friends so he bases his goals on what they expect from him. Brian Johnson is very bright but has no confidence. He is unable to accept failure and always goes by the rules. He is terrified that one little slip will cause him...